For some HTTP watch types, switching to the Output view causes a program crash.

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UPDATE: A check has been added at start up to alert users to turn off script debugging which is causing this problem.


Watch Items of type HTTP or HTTPS load very slowly. When trying to view the output of some of these types of Watch Items, the WebWatchBot Manager application will pop-up a dialog asking if I want to debug the application.


This problem involves two issues:

  1. The Windows script debugger is installed on the same computer and script debugging is enabled.
  2. The page being monitored has a JavaScript error.


To workaround the problem, you will need to change a setting for Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the control panel: Start -> Control Panel
  2. Open the Internet Options control panel applet.
  3. Select the "Advanced" tab.
  4. Under the section "Browsing", ensure the option "Disable Script Debugging" is checked.