How do I change the user account the WebWatchBot service uses?

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To change the user account of the WebWatchBot Service:

  1. Delete log files and saved output (This is necessary to ensure that the logs and output do not retain permissions from the old user account):
    1. Open WebWatchBot Manager
    2. Select from the menu: Help -> ExclamationSoft Support -> View Data Folder
    3. When the Windows Explorer/My Computer window opens, close WebWatchBot Manager.
    4. Select all of the numbered folders and delete. This will only delete log files and last saved output and your data will remain intact.
    5. Close the window
  2. Start (Windows Start Button)
  3. Control Panel
  4. Administrative Tools
  5. Services
  6. Find "WWBServer" (the WebWatchBot Service name)
  7. Stop the service
  8. Right-click on WWBServer and select "Properties"
  9. Click the "Log on" tab.
  10. Select the "This account tab"
  11. Enter the user account and password. You should enter a user account that has high enough privilege to create, modify, read and write to files on the computer, send email, and access network resources.
  12. Click OK
  13. Start WebWatchBot Manager.
  14. When prompted, start the WebWatchBot service.