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  1. "Connection is busy with results for another hstmt"
  2. "Error: -2147221164 Msg: Class not registered" occurs while running WebWatchBot
  3. 10 Easy Tips to Help You Kill Your Website’s Performance
  4. 60 Performance and Optimization Tips for your Website
  5. ASA (Annual Support Agreement)
  6. Action: Execute a command (.exe) or load a URL
  7. Action: Play a wave file sound
  8. Action: Send an Email
  9. Action: Show a visual alert window
  10. Activate
  11. Activating a Permanent License key
  12. Adobe/Macromedia Flash
  13. After Upgrading, cannot add/edit Watch Items/Transactions
  14. After creating a transaction, a popup appears stating that there are orphaned Watch Items
  15. Better Monitoring with WebWatchBot Series
  16. CPU is running at 100%
  17. Can I import reports from csv format to Microsoft Excel?
  18. Can I modify the WebWatchBot reports?
  19. Can I run reports for multiple sites at one time?
  20. Can I safely delete all the files in the data folder?
  21. Can I switch from MSDE to SQL Server 2005?
  22. Can I use WebWatchBot through a firewall or proxy server?
  23. Can WebWatchBot be installed on a Virtual Machine (VM)?
  24. Can WebWatchBot emulate a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox?
  25. Can WebWatchBot monitor Citrix applications?
  26. Can WebWatchBot monitor secure web sites?
  27. Can WebWatchBot monitor websites with frames?
  28. Can WebWatchBot send a notification to a Cell Phone or a Pager?
  29. Can WebWatchBot send a voice alert?
  30. Can WebWatchBot send email alerts through GMail's mail servers?
  31. Can WebWatchBot send text only e-mails?
  32. Can the splash screen be disabled?
  33. Cannot Control WebWatchBot Service or Issues Starting WebWatchBot Client
  34. Cannot connect via Remote Connection Functionality
  35. Cannot create a new report
  36. Cannot find import dll may be missing corrupt, or wrong version. File botdll.dll, error 998
  37. Cannot send email - Error 10053 Cannot connect to mail server
  38. Cannot view/monitor Hyper-V Performance Counters from remote machine
  39. Cell / Mobile Phone Alerts
  40. Certificate from a CA that is not trusted causes error.
  41. Change SQL Server Database's Recovery Model
  42. Changing the setting to 0 (zero) for "Simulate HTTP Threads" causes an error in WebWatchBot
  43. Clear Stats
  44. Common SNMP OID Strings
  45. Conditions
  46. Configure Escalation Rules
  47. Configuring WebWatchBot to Send SMS Messages
  48. Configuring the Remote Registry
  49. Connect to a remote instance of SQL Server
  50. Control Panel Summary

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