The Transaction Recorder records a website login, but fails on playback. Why?

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There are two reasons why it would not work:

  1. The website is using JavaScript, AJAX, or another client-side technology.
    WebWatchBot monitors websites with transactions by loading a series of web pages, and optionally submitting form data ("form posting") – these are all considered server-side actions. Some websites use browser based technologies, like AJAX or JavaScript, to perform logins or other functions which are not detected or reproduced with WebWatchBot’s Transaction recorder.
    AJAX and/or JavaScript can bypass the submitting of form data, which in turn prevents WebWatchBot from either recording an action.
    WebWatchBot will not be able to properly and/or fully monitor your website if it is using JavaScript or AJAX instead of "form posting".
  2. The website is using tokens or persisted form data
    meaning one page sets a special randomly generated token or key stored in the web page, which must be passed from one page to the next. We have a mechanism to handle this in the Transaction Properties (Persist Form Data)