WebWatchBot using SQL Server as its back-end database uses large amounts of memory.

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  • Update: (3 June 2006) The problem is not a memory leak, but rather a cause of how SQL Server is configured.

In some cases SQL Server will not release memory, causing the memory usage of the SQL Server process, and in some cases WWBServer process to climb.


Create a scheduled item in WebWatchBot to run once a day – or less if the problem is not severe.

  1. Switch to the Scheduler View
  2. Create a new Scheduled Item: In WebWatchBot Manager, select the menu item "File" -> "New" -> "Scheduled Item" (Ctrl-N) or click the "New" icon on the toolbar.
  3. The "Schedule Item" window will appear.
  4. Select the Watch Item "All Watch Items" from the Watch Item dropdown list.
  5. The “type” should be “Maintenance”
  6. Set the start date and time to be any time you wish. Set the end date and time to be one minute later than the start time.
  7. Set the pattern to daily, or weekly if the problem is not severe enough to warrant daily.
  8. Click OK to save the scheduled item.

When WebWatchBot goes into maintenance mode, it disconnects from SQL Server and shuts down all Watch Items and Transactions, allowing SQL Server to release memory.