Why are there false positives? Some sites go down when they are not, why?

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False positives are sometimes received. WebWatchBot reports a server or website as down when it is not.


(This is one of several causes) The computer that WebWatchBot is installed on is being overtaxed, causing a cascading affect on what is being monitored. With less available resources, monitoring of Watch Items can take longer, causing them to fail and report false positives. The cause of the overtaxing can be one or more of the following:

  1. Limited memory resources for WebWatchBot and/or SQL Server
  2. Limited CPU resources for WebWatchBot and/or SQL Server
  3. Limited network resources due to simultaneous Watch Items and/or Transactions running at the same time.


  1. The console does not need to remain open in order for WebWatchBot to monitor. Close the console when not in use.
    1. If you have WebWatchBot for SQL Server installed: If the database is on the same server as WebWatchBot, relocate it to a different machine.
    2. If you are using WebWatchBot with MSDE: Consider using SQL Server. Download SQL Server 2005 Express (FREE) from Microsoft: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/sql/default.aspx. Testing has shown SQL Server 2005 to have considerable performance increases over its predecessors.
  2. Don't run other applications on the same machine as WebWatchBot. Other applications and programs can consume resources which deprive WebWatchBot of necessary resources and can cause Watch Items to fail.
  3. Install WebWatchBot on a more powerful machine. More memory can be useful, but it really comes down to the CPU.
  4. Ensure as few as possible Watch Items and Transactions are running at the same time. Change the frequency at which they run and setting the "Start Delay" setting (Tools -> WebWatchBot Preferences -> Advanced Properties, General) to a higher value will help.