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Frequently Asked Questions

General Q&A


  1. What are some of the best practices for WebWatchBot?
  2. How do I get started? What do I do first?
  3. What operating systems can WebWatchBot run on?
  4. How do I use WebWatchBot?
  5. Where can I get WebWatchBot?
  6. The WebWatchBot service does not appear in the services.msc control panel applet
  7. What is the name of the WebWatchBot service?
  8. Can WebWatchBot monitor websites with frames?
  9. Why are there false positives? Some sites go down when they are not, why?
  10. How can I perform a round-trip check of an email?
  11. WebWatchBot Help will not open via the menu or by pressing F1
  12. Is it possible to configure the application to use a MAPI email server (i.e., Microsoft Exchange Server), or does it need to be an SMTP server?
  13. Does WebWatchBot monitor compressed pages?
  14. How is downtime determined?
  15. Where can I download the NT Resource Kit?
  16. How can I get help from Microsoft?
  17. How to create a dynamic defined (named) range in an Excel worksheet


  1. Can WebWatchBot be installed on a Virtual Machine (VM)?
  2. Is there a 64 bit version of WebWatchBot?

Purchasing and Licensing

  1. Is WebWatchBot free?
  2. How much does WebWatchBot cost?
  3. Is the license per user, location, CPU, or per machine?
  4. How do I obtain a Remote Client License?

WebWatchBot Data and Database

  1. Can I switch from MSDE to SQL Server 2005?
  2. SQL Server and its files are taking up a large amount of disk space.
  3. Will WebWatchBot back up data(watch items) automatically in case of a crash?
  4. When performing database maintenance, an error occurs
  5. Can I safely delete all the files in the data folder?
  6. Where does all the data collected by WebWatchBot reside? Can I change this location?
  7. How can I completely remove all WebWatchBot data and start a fresh install
  8. How do I move WebWatchBot's data from one location to another?
  9. Is the database and data secure and encrypted?


  1. Can I import reports from csv format to Microsoft Excel?
  2. Can I run reports for multiple sites at one time?
  3. Is there any way to run multiple reports at once using a command line or batch file for WebWatchBot?
  4. Can I modify the WebWatchBot reports?
  5. Is there any built in way to make reports available via a web server?

Watch Item Settings/Configuration

  1. How do I log into an OWA (Outlook Web Access) Site?
  2. WARNING: The WebWatchBot service was not found or you do not have permission to control Windows
  3. Cannot connect via Remote Connection Functionality
  4. When using the "HTTP/HTTPS" type of watch, does WebWatchBot download the page each and every time or does it use a cached version of the page?
  5. If the watch type is a "HTTP", is the page cached after the first download, skewing response times?
  6. Will WebWatchBot work from cache if my site is down?
  7. What should the threshold for maximum response time be set to?
  8. For transactions, what is the maximum amount of time that I should set the summary step's timeout?
  9. On the rare occasion, the output for a Watch Item is different comparing a "Test" and a "Run". Why?
  10. The Log Pane shows an error message for all of my Watch Items, why?
  11. Do you have a document which details the format of the ini file used in the import feature?
  12. How do you set-up a Watch Item for HTTP Post to an ASP.NET page?
  13. How can I monitor a web page with a login?
  14. How do I set up a watch item to POST to a form?
  15. How often should my site be checked?
  16. There are two types of status, "Warning" and "Down" Each can be configured based on "%" and "#" How does this work?
  17. When monitoring SNMP, I get an "unknown error" and/or "Could not query SNMP value"
  18. How do I use regular expressions?
  19. Can WebWatchBot login to a site with Flash?
  20. Can WebWatchBot login to a site that uses an RSA key or is CAC enabled?
  21. Can WebWatchBot monitor Citrix applications?
  22. Do you have a list of common ports of hardware and software?
  23. Cannot view/monitor Hyper-V Performance Counters from remote machine
  24. How do I monitor a page with Ajax (Web 2.0)?
  25. The Transaction Recorder records a website login, but fails on playback. Why?

WebWatchBot Manager

  1. Can the splash screen be disabled?

WebWatchBot Online

  1. What are the default users? How do I log in the first time?
  2. How do I reset the default users?

Alert (Email, Visual, Sound & Command) Settings/Configuration

  1. Can WebWatchBot send a notification to a Cell Phone or a Pager?
  2. Cannot send email - Error 10053 Cannot connect to mail server
  3. I'm not receiving email alerts
  4. Is there a limit to the number of e-mails sent for SLA Status to be received when "down time"
  5. Can WebWatchBot send text only e-mails?
  6. What is the difference between Alarm and SLA Status?
  7. Can WebWatchBot send email alerts through GMail's mail servers?
  8. Can WebWatchBot send a voice alert?

Connectivity - Network - Firewalls

  1. Does WebWatchBot work with MS Proxy Server?
  2. Testing a Watch Item works, running the Watch Item
  3. Can I use WebWatchBot through a firewall or proxy server?
  4. Does the internet need to constantly be connected when monitoring a web site
  5. Can WebWatchBot monitor secure web sites?
  6. Will all the WWB checks be included in the web site statistics log files?
  7. Does WebWatchBot work with Zone Alarm?
  8. WebWatchBot cannot communicate with its service (WWBServer) on Windows 2012


  1. WebWatchBot is running slow/sluggish
  2. CPU is running at 100%

Issues and Errors

Installation Issues and Errors

  1. Error 87 installing WebWatchBot with MSDE
  2. Error 1303. "The Installer Has Insufficient Privileges..." occurs When You Try to Install WebWatchBot
  3. Error 1316. "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file ..." when installing WebWatchBot
  4. Error 1327 Occurs When You Try to Install WebWatchBot
  5. Error 1722 Occurs When You Try to Install WebWatchBot
  6. Error 1931 Occurs When You Try to Install WebWatchBot
  7. Cannot find import dll may be missing corrupt, or wrong version. File botdll.dll, error 998
  8. How do I install WebWatchBot on two or more machines that point to one SQL Server?
  9. Install Fails with error message "The instance name specified is invalid"
  10. How do I change the user account the WebWatchBot service uses?
  11. How do I move WebWatchBot from one computer to another?
  12. How do I connect to a SQL Server 2005 Express Instance
  13. Installation ends with an error, but there is no error number
  14. Install Completes with Error: User xxx is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
  15. Install Fails with Error: Login failed for "xxx". Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
  16. During installation, the error message is displayed: "Another Version of this product is already installed."
  17. Where should I install WebWatchBot?
  18. Will I need to uninstall previous versions before upgrading to a newer version?
  19. SQL Server password with mixed case causes installation to fail
  20. Login failed for user "NT Authority\Anonymous Logon"

Known Issues

  1. Web Position Gold Scheduler may prevent WebWatchBot Manager from starting
  2. On Windows 2003, after clicking "Start/Continue 14 day trial", WebWatchBot Manager stops running

Errors (Not Relating to Installation)

  1. Database Timeout
  2. Error Code: 5 - Message: Access is denied.
  3. Database Watch Type: Cannot connect to mySql database
  4. WARNING: The WebWatchBot service was not found or you do not have permission to control Windows Services
  5. WebWatchBot Service terminated because it was unable to initialize tcp/ip communications: Address already in use!
  6. Service terminated because it was unable to initialize tcp/ip communications: Address already in use!
  7. Error message when running the WebWatchBot Updater
  8. Certificate from a CA that is not trusted causes error.
  9. Microsoft JET Database Engine Error: File sharing lock count exceeded
  10. Error: -2147467259 Msg: Unspecified error Description: Cannot open any more tables
  11. When starting WebWatchBot, an error appears: "Cannot connect to database error:-2146824582 Msg:Unknown error 0x800A0E7A"
  12. Microsoft JET Database Engine Error: -2147467259
  13. When starting WebWatchBot, an error appears: "cannot connect to database error:-2147221164 Msg:Class not registered"
  14. For some HTTP watch types, switching to the Output view causes a program crash.
  15. "Error: -2147221164 Msg: Class not registered" occurs while running WebWatchBot
  16. The transaction log for database 'WebWatchBot' is full.
  17. WebWatchBot Updater Displays "Access Denied" error
  18. After Upgrading, cannot add/edit Watch Items/Transactions
  19. Database Connection Lost (Server) - Some historical data will not be collected; however, monitoring will continue. Attempting reconnection
  20. Error: Open Service: The specified service does not exist as an installed service
  21. SQL Server Error: Communication Link Failure
  22. Downtime date/time is invalid
  23. Watch Item / Transaction unexpectedly shuts down or stops monitoring
  24. Database maintenance failed: The statement BACKUP LOG is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE

Known Issues - Resolved

  1. SMS Email Alerts Sent as HTML for WebWatchBot v5.1.x Pro
  2. Cannot create a new report
  3. WebWatchBot using SQL Server as its back-end database uses large amounts of memory.
  4. Error creating a new Watch Group.
  5. After creating a transaction, a popup appears stating that there are orphaned Watch Items
  6. Changing the setting to 0 (zero) for "Simulate HTTP Threads" causes an error in WebWatchBot
  7. "Connection is busy with results for another hstmt"
  8. Status Reports: Watch Groups and Transactions are repeated
  9. Under specific conditions scheduled reports contain no data.