Install Completes with Error: User xxx is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

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Installation error when installing to SQL Server database


During installation, an error message appears "User xxx is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection". The installation continues with success.


The machine WebWatchBot is being installed on cannot connect using a trusted connection as specified in the connection string.


  1. Complete the installation and start WebWatchBot.
  2. You should receive another error message stating that a connection to the database cannot be made and that you should check your database settings. If not, go to Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced Settings -> Database.
  3. Enter database configuration on the settings screen that appears.
  4. Either enter the Source, Username, and Password, or change the connection string.
  5. Click OK
  6. You will need to run the database creation script manually through SQL Server Query Analyzer. The script is located in the "resource" directory under the WebWatchBot installation folder, e.g. \Program Files\WebWatchBot 3\resource.
  7. Start WebWatchBot.