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  1. Running WebWatchBot on Windows 2003/2008/XP/Vista AND Newer (Popular)
  2. Installation on Windows Server 2008
  3. Error During Install of WebWatchBot
  4. Moving an Install of WebWatchBot v4.0
  5. Moving an Install of WebWatchBot v5.0
  6. Moving WebWatchBot Data Files From One Location to Another on the Same Machine
  7. Moving WebWatchBot's Database from one SQL Server Instance to Another
  8. Upgrading from MSDE to SQL Server 2005/2008
  9. Remotely connecting to SQL Server 2005/2008 Express
  10. Database Connection Error After Install
  11. License Key Needs To Be Re-activated After Reboot

General Configuration

  1. WebWatchBot Service's User Account (Popular)
  2. Website Authentication (Popular)
  3. Improving Overall WebWatchBot Performance/Best Practices
  4. Configuring the Remote Registry
  5. Improving WebWatchBot Manager Performance
  6. How to Reduce the Size of the SQL Server Transaction Log
  7. How to Reduce the Total Amount of Data in the WebWatchBot Database
  8. Managing files in the WebWatchBot Data Folder
  9. Error During Database Backup
  10. Error: Communication link failure
  11. Change SQL Server Database's Recovery Model
  12. Error: Database Connection Lost (Server) - SQL Server is too busy and is not processing requests


  1. Install, Enable and Configure SNMP on Windows (Popular)
  2. How to monitor a Process/Service/Performance Counter on a Remote/Different Computer (Popular)
  3. Website and Server Outage Discrepancies
  4. HTTP/HTTPS Watch Items show UP/DOWN when they are not
  5. How to monitor a Web Service
  6. Installing a Client Certificate
  7. Important Performance Counters Worth Monitoring
  8. Common SNMP OID Strings
  9. Getting Accurate Response Times for Transactions and HTTP/HTTPS Watch Items
  10. Create a Transaction with Randomized Web Form Data
  11. WWBEventViewer - Event Log Viewer Command Line Utility
  12. Monitoring HTTP/HTTPS - Page will not load in WebWatchBot but will in browser
  13. Connect to a remote instance of SQL Server


  1. Send SNMP Traps from WebWatchBot
  2. Send Alert to Windows Event Log
  3. Execute a Command to Dial a Modem
  4. Restart IIS from WebWatchBot


  1. Customers Migrating from WebWatchBot Version 4 to Version 5
  2. Deactivating a Licensed Installation of WebWatchBot version 4.0/5.0
  3. Activating a Permanent License key


  1. ASA (Annual Support Agreement)
  2. Per Incident Support
  3. Phone Support and Consulting
  4. WebWatchBot License Recovery