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    Reference: How to Effectively Monitor Your Website

    Virtually no one monitors their website for errors, slow response time, or bad content. It’s true. If you ask many website administrators the number one method as to how they know that their website is “down”, they will most likely tell you that a customer told them.

    Who should set-up monitoring and notification?

    Website administrators or the person ultimately responsible for the health of a website should continually monitor their website for problem conditions. These skilled people should use their time effectively by setting up an automated website monitoring solution that does the dirty work of checking the website 24/7 while notifying them when there is a problem. It may also make sense to notify other people in the organization who are directly affected by the health of the website. For example, the website administrator will want to be notified to correct the problem, a call center manager will want to be notified in case a flood of calls about the website start coming in. .. Read More ...