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The "Database" section configures how WebWatchBot stores and retrieves data.


Fields And Buttons


  • Type - Type of databae to use.
    • Microsoft SQL Server - Use an existing Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000/2005 database installation.

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Source - Database Data Source. This is normally the name of the SQL Server, e.g. local, MACHINENAME, etc., or the name of the database instance.
  • Username - SQL Server database login username. NOTE: This is not the Windows user account login name.
  • Password - SQL Server database login password. NOTE: This is not the Windows user account login name's password.


  • Auto Generate - If True, WebWatchBot will automatically generate the connection string. If False, modify the connection string below.
  • Connection String - Formatted ODBC connection string. Change this value only if you wish to completely override the automatically generated connection string and set "Auto Generate" property above to "True".