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6.1 (Build 25150) - 27 November 2012

  • Enhancement: Introducing, WebWatchBot WS (Web Services). A way to connect to the internals of WebWatchBot. First supported web method is DisableCheck, which allows for a Watch Item to be suspended and activated.
  • Enhancement: Added new Transactions setting "Persist Form Data" which will persist selected form variable values from the previous step. New settings window allows for the input of form variable names. When the Transaction is run, the specified form variables value will be saved from the previous step.
  • Enhancement: Repeat Alarm Action. New option in Watch Item/Transaction properties, Alarm tab. When enabled, an alarm trigger action is repeated until the alarm is reset.
  • Enhancement: Maintenance periods are no longer factored into uptime/downtime in the Uptime/Downtime report.
  • Enhancement: New option for Transaction Recorder: Remove __VIEWSTATE hidden variable automatically. When set, the hidden form variable __VIEWSTATE is removed when recording a Transaction. This experimental option was added for some web applications that do not allow the reuse of __VIEWSTATE.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed user agent string sent with object requests (images, css, etc) after the initial request for a page, which was originally IE 6.0 and not the user agent string specified in WebWatchBot preferences.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixes for the installer using the correct ODBC driver that would fail on Windows Server 2003.
  • Bug Fix ( Improved installation support for Windows Server 2012
  • Bug Fix ( Changed "Clear ASP Session Id" to "Clear Session" to end the current browser session at the end of the Transaction Run. This will effectively and correctly clear session cookies, inlcuding those for ASP and JSESSION. Note: This will not clear non-session cookies.
  • Bug Fix ( Removed extraneous place holders <%DownloadedPage%> and <%TraceRouteOnFailure%> from email alert messages which can show up in some email clients such as GMail.
  • Bug Fix ( Better error handling for regular expression search when the syntax is incorrect and can cause a Watch Item's thread to stop.
  • Bug Fix ( Corrected issue with log pane not updating after the main window is minimized and then restored.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed issue when the server is overloaded with requests or SQL Server is not responding and does not record all information on a run. Placeholder data is inserted so that data appears on reports with either zeros or null values. Previously, reports would not show any detail at all. We recommend performing "Recalculate Statistics" (Select one or more Watch Items, then select the menu options, Tools -> Database -> Recalc Stats) on all of your Watch Items to ensure data integrity.
  • Bug Fix ( Faster Suspend and Activate of multiple Watch Items.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed error when running Uptime/Downtime report with a date format that is not US English (en-us) which caused detail of the report to be cutoff.
  • Bug Fix ( Newly created data folder and sub-folders now have specific permissions for the "Administrators" group. Corrects issue with log files not being created. If this issue occurred, delete all files and folders in the "Data Directory" - you can get to this through the menu options: Help -> ExclamationSoft Support -> Data Folder.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed: Changing the connection string on the desktop does not update web.config
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed: In report headers, Last Failure & Last Success are "None" after recalculating statistics.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed issue when a report is run on a Watch Item/Transaction that has no statistics and have never been run.
  • Bug Fix ( Reports not pre-selecting correct chart. For example, the uptime/downtime report selects the "Top Failing" chart. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Web GUI: Transaction steps that are "Transaction exclusive" will no longer appear when not viewing its parent Transaction.
  • Bug Fix ( Web GUI: If a Transaction is named "Transaction", when selected, it's steps are not shown in the Watch List. Fixed.
  • Change: Default reports are no longer automatically created for Transaction Steps.