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5.1.11 (Build 22243) 16 October 2009

  • Enhancement: Watch List: If an individual Watch Item/Transaction Summary is in "maintenance mode", the "Action" column will display "*MAINTENANCE*".
  • Enhancement: Status Report: If an individual Watch Item/Transaction Summary is in "maintenance mode", the icon will change to a blue square.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: If a very long filename for an image or object on a web page is very long, it can cause a crash. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Configured Trigger Rule not equal to consecutive failed. Corrected.
  • Bug Fix ( Reports: Last failure will display "None" instead of date of 1/1/1900.
  • Bug Fix ( View Log Files: When viewing a Watch Item or Transaction's log files and multiple files exist, the dialog now has three buttons "Newest" (Open only the newest log file), "All" (Open all of the log files for the selected), "Cancel" (Do nothing).
  • Bug Fix ( Maintenance: Corrected problem when the WebWatchBot service is restarted (or the machine is rebooted) during database maintanence which can cause the service not to restart when the maintenance period is over.
  • Bug Fix ( WebWatchBot Preferences: Proxy exceptions field now accepts 1015 characters max and will not delete text if max length exceeded.
  • Bug Fix ( DNS Watch Types: Using new back-end component which will resolve some issues with concurrent DNS queries not timing out.
  • Bug Fix ( Reports: Correct zero values for reports with no data.
  • Bug Fix ( Status Reports for Remote Clients now correctly display and update status reports. In the Status Report Settings, Save tab, filename is no longer editable for Remote Clients.
  • Change: Scheduler View. Clicking on the Watch Item/Transaction name will open a dialog displaying all scheduled item for that Watch Item/Transaction.
  • hange: Maintenance Mode for "All Watch Items" now restarts the WebWatchBot service process at the start of the maintenance period.

5.1.10 (Build 20371) - 26 June 2009

  • Enhancement: WebWatchBot Preferences: Common Properties, UI: Added new option "Certificate Errors" for the Transaction Recorder to ignore certificate errors: If False, WebWatchBot will not block pages with certificate errors. If True, pages with certificate errors will display the standard Internet Explorer Warning and prevent the page from being loaded.
  • Enhancement: WebWatchBot Preferences: Watch Types, HTTP: Added new option "Keep Connection": If True, WebWatchBot will attempt keep the connection alive for as long as possible. Set to False, if web pages do not behave properly with keep-alive semantics. This flag is required for Microsoft Network (MSN), Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM), and other types of authentication.
  • Enhancement: Email log files now follow the settings as specified in WebWatchBot Preferences with regard to the number of files to keep and archive. This will make it easier to troubleshoot email sending problems when the log type is set to "Archive" and the number of log files to keep is set to a number greater than 1.
  • Bug Fix ( Drive Usage: Output shows amount of "free" space twice, when it should show "free" and "available".
  • Bug Fix ( WebWatchBot Preferences: Changing the log type will do a better job of cleaning up log files if the option to delete the logs is chosen.
  • Bug Fix ( WWBUpgrade: During installation or upgrade, if a SQL Server password has mixed case, the install will fail. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Reports: Time frame "Last 14 Days" was reporting last 30 days. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Number Format 1,0000 (comma instead of period for decimal) causes error when creating new Watch Items/Transactions. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Transaction Recorder: Selecting a favorite where the URL cannot be loaded no longer causes an error.
  • Bug Fix ( Email Sending: If the sending of an email message fails during the sending of the message itself, a small (1K) memory leak occurs. This has been resolved.

5.1.9 (Build 20371) - 10 Mar 2009 14:08:26 GMT

  • Hotfix
    • Bug Fix: Real-Time and Performance Chart not rendering until Scheduler, Dashboard or Status View selected.

5.1.9 (Build 20354) - 27 Feb 2009 01:59:57 GMT

  • Hotfix
    • Bug Fix: Transactions and Groups are hidden in the Watch Explorer. Transactions will still run, but are not visible in WebWatchBot Manager. This hotfix addresses only this issue.

5.1.9 (Build 20347) - 25 Feb 2009 01:59:57 GMT

  • Enhancement: Status Report: Now sorting by Watch Item/Transaction Name, Watch Type, then Alarm Status/SLA Status.
  • Bug Fix ( Maintenance: Fixed issue with database maintenance not restarting Watch Items/Transactions when complete.
  • Bug Fix ( Maintenance: Fixed issue with GUI being grayed out (when there are maintenance tasks to perform) after maintenance complete.
  • Bug Fix ( Status Report: If the UI setting for showing SLA status is selected, the status report erroneously displayed SLA status of warning as failure. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( FTP Watch Types: Removed extra footer in output.
  • Bug Fix ( SQL Server 2008: Corrected connection issue during install with SQL Server 2008.
  • Bug Fix (5.1.9): Various minor bug fixes.
  • Change: Update digital signature certificate for WebWatchBot files, as old certificate is expiring.
  • Change: Watch Item Test: If the timeout is not active, user is prompted to set the timeout to active to decrease problems when a test fails and does not return control to the user quickly.
  • Change: Watch Item Properties: Test button is not visible by default. Added new setting to WebWatchBot Preferences, Common Properties, UI, "Show Test Button" to show/hide the Test button.

5.1.8 (Build 20143) - 30 Jan 2009 20:17:36 GMT

  • Enhancement: Log File Settings: Change property: Log Type - When maximum log size is reached: No Log - Do nothing, no log. Append - Do not overwrite (clear logs manually), Archive - Archive when maximum log size is met, and create a new log file.
  • Enhancement: Log File Settings: In WebWatchBot Preferences, Common Properties, Log: New property: Maximum Log Size - The maximum size of the log in KB (Default 9999). Applies to Archive log file type only.
  • Enhancement: Log File Settings: New property: Archive Files To Keep. The maximum number of archived log files to keep when the log type is Archive.
  • Enhancement: HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: Better handling of CSS in rendering.
  • Enhancement: Database Maintenance: Automatic check and removal of orphaned Watch Item and Transaction data folders.
  • Bug Fix ( Disk Usage Watch Types: Import process now correctly imports drive total, available and free and does not cause an error.
  • Bug Fix ( Status Reports: Fix of bug that can cause crash when adding or deleting Watch Items and Transactions.
  • Bug Fix ( Performance improvement at start-up when there are a large number of Watch Groups.
  • Bug Fix ( WebWatchBot Preferences, Advanced Settings, Connection, Client Logs: If client connection log is turned off, the log is no longer created or written to.
  • Bug Fix ( Performance & Scalability improvement in WebWatchBot Manager when filtering on Watch Items that are updated every 15 seconds or less and total collected data totals over 8 million rows.
  • Bug Fix ( Email Settings: Fixed bug where some email settings could not be deleted/removed. This will allow no email from and server to be set to prevent email alerts from being sent.
  • Bug Fix ( SNMP Watch Types: Timeout length now properly set if timeout is set in Watch Item Properties.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP Watch Types: If option checked for downloading page and images, email alerts that contain output are not properly embedding images for email - fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Reports: Fix for reports not showing complete detail.
  • Bug Fix ( Watch Item Properties. Fix for multi-selection changes that only update what has changed.
  • Bug Fix ( Status Report: Changes to Watch Items/Transsactions are properly updated when report is refreshed.
  • Bug Fix ( Ping Watch Types: Increased stability for over 100 active Ping Watch Items.
  • Bug Fix ( Import: Now properly decoding: Custom Watch Type command and search text, File search text, Event Log search text
  • Change: SNMP Watch Types: New recommendation that timeout be set. This prevents SNMP queries that fail from running for a minute or more which can cause other issues.
  • Change: Database Maintenance: Database shrink is no longer performed. Shrinking the database was found to have negligible positive effect and was undone by eventual growth of the database.
  • Change: Performance: Modest performance improvement for installations utilizing SQL Server 2005 or 2008.
  • Change: WebWatchBot Preferences: If database settings are changed, they are tested after clicking OK. If connection fails, the old database settings are restored.
  • Change: Database backup filenames now have .bak extension instead of .dat. This complies with SQL Server backup name extensions.
  • Change: Requests to update data, reset alarms, run, etc. to Watch Items that are running, may have those requests ignored after 15 seconds during high volume updates. This is to prevent a deadlock situation where the service would wait indefinitely until the Watch Item was available to accept the request.
  • Change: If multiple Watch Items/Transactions are selected and the Output or Log Pane is visible, no updates will occur to prevent potential CPU overload.
  • Change: Import/Export: File type/extension changed to .txt.
  • Change: Import/Export: Last export folder location saved.
  • Change: Import/Export: Export now displaying status message.
  • Change: Import/Export: Scope - Selected Watch Items/Transactions is now the default selection.

5.1.7 (Build 19271) - 11 Nov 2008 17:36:22 GMT

  • Bug Fix ( Fixed Master Status Report not including newly created Watch Items or Transactions until service restart.
  • Bug Fix ( WebWatchBot Manager will now display log files and output from Watch Items or Transactions with long display names.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: Added new option for "Accept-Language" header, which defaults to "*" (all languages). Corrects issue with some sites that redirect based on value of this header.
  • Bug Fix ( Fixed "Cannot Load Template" error.
  • Bug Fix ( POP3 Watch Types: If only specifying username and password, no messages will be downloaded. Corrects problem where search fails when only login is needed.

5.1.6 (Build 19115) - 4 Sep 2008 18:10:17 GMT

  • Enhancement: Watch Items: New search option for "Regular Expression". WebWatchBot uses VBScript regular expressions and follows its rules, guidelines, and known problems.
  • Enhancement: Transactions: New option "Clear IIS/ASP Session". If option checked, ASPSESSIONID cookies are cleared at the end of each transaction run by setting the cookies value to nothing, which will cause a new session value to be generated by the web server on the next run. This option is useful for load balanced environments: Check this option to clear the session id and increase the chances that a different server is selected on subsequent runs. Uncheck this option to keep the session id and request the same server on subsequent runs. (Your results may vary depending on how load balancing is configured)
  • Enhancement: In email and visual alerts, changed font to red for failed steps in transactions for easier identification.
  • Enhancement: If a "URL to Execute" is specified as an alarm action, spaces in a url after the "?" are converted to a plus sign to ensure proper encoding and to support sending a message via SMS Gateway.
  • Enhancement: Alarm Command: Added new option to execute proram in foreground and load url in foreground when running WebWatchBot in Application Mode.
  • Enhancement: Email Settings: Added new option "Greeting Line Count" for number of greeting lines (220) to expect from the mail server
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: URLs longer than 256 characters cause crash. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: Settings, Form tab, Record button causing crash. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( General: Better centering of message boxes on multi-monitor systems.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: Fixed problem where transaction steps lose alarm settings.
  • Bug Fix ( Log: Changing the name of a Transaction now automatically reloads the log file and displays it in the Log pane in WebWatchBot Manager without the need to close and restart WebWatchBot.
  • Change: Transactions: Steps created with the transaction recorder no longer have email alerts enabled by default. This is reduce the number of redundant emails when transactions fail.

5.1.5 (Build 18931) - 18 Jun 2008 19:15:01 GMT

  • Enhancement: Transaction Recorder: Added "Favorites" menu item - shows saved favorites from Internet Explorer
  • Enhancement: Transaction Recorder: Address field is now a drop-down that saves previously typed URLs.
  • Enhancement: Transaction Recorder: New toolbar button (Under "New") and menu option (File->New) for "Record a Transaction" to immediately create a new transaction and open the transaction recorder.
  • Enhancement: Transaction Recorder: Web Page Titles are now displayed. When steps are saved, the page title is used as the Watch Item Name, instead of the URL.
  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Log Cookies. Logs cookies that are set after a HTTP/HTTPS run.
  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Log Headers. Logs response headers that are set after a HTTP/HTTPS run.
  • Bug Fix ( Status Report: If running WebWatchBot as an application, the status report does not properly update statistics.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: If running WebWatchBot as an application, changing a transaction would sometimes cause transaction to stop running until it is suspended, then activated again or if WebWatchBot is restarted.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: Now, when a transaction is deleted, user is asked what to do with orphaned transaction steps: Keep or delete.
  • Bug Fix ( Email Settings: Changing the default email addresses without clicking apply would not save settings. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Transaction Recorder: A warning is given if a window tries to close itself, which can cause the Transaction Recorder to hang/stop responding.
  • Bug Fix ( SMTP Watch Type: Authentication Password is now hidden.
  • Bug Fix ( POP3 Watch Type: Login Password is now hidden.
  • Bug Fix ( Event Log Watch Type: Increase buffer size for event log messages to fix problem with large messages not being read by WebWatchBot.
  • Bug Fix ( WebWatchBot Preferences: Fixed issue where resetting the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" would not occur.
  • Bug Fix ( Dashboard: Slow Watch Items chart: If one of the top 6 slowest Watch Items has a total accumulated response time of zero, the chart would not display. Fixed.
  • Bug Fix ( Dashboard: Slow Watch Items chart: If WebWatchBot Preferences are set to not show transactions, the slow chart will not show results if the slowest are Transactions.
  • Bug Fix ( Watch List: Copying a Watch Item while a transaction is selected prompts to add the Watch Item to the last selected Watch Group which can cause the Transaction to appear on the Watch Group List. Fixed.
  • Change: Multiple Watch Items: If selecting multiple Watch Items then opening properties, the schedule tab is no longer available.
  • Change: Watch List: For clarity, transaction steps' run frequency will be the same as the transaction summary's run frequency.
  • Change: Transactions: Added "Do not ask again" to dialog for deleting orphaned transaction steps.
  • Change: Transactions: After deleting a transaction, opening transaction properties, and creating a new transaction, WebWatchBot will check for orphaned transaction steps.
  • Change: Transactions: "Test" button removed from Transaction properties.
  • Change: Transaction Recorder: Frames are handled better, reducing the number of duplicate entries
  • Change: Transaction Recorder: JavaScript pop-up windows are not executed and therefore not allowed as JavaScript pop-up windows are always executed on the client side browser and not on the server.
  • Change: Connectivity Monitor: Informational message is displayed when the connectivity monitor's properties are opened to make the user aware that the connectivity monitor should not be used for typical monitoring.
  • Change: Database Backup: (including Database Maintenance) If a backup fails due to a timeout, the timeout is automatically increased incrementally up to 10 minutes and retried. If the database backup fails with a timeout of 10 minutes, an error message will appear.
  • Change: Transactions: If, on the Watch List, a Transaction step is selected and "Run Now" is selected, a pop-up will appear, stating that the Transaction Summary needs to be selected and run.

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