Action: Show a visual alert window

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A visual alert is a window that will pop-up when an alarm is triggered or when an alarm is automatically reset.



Additional text - Enter additional text to display in the visual alert window.

Active (Un-checking this box will prevent a pop-up message from appearing)

  • By default, this option is checked/active.
  • Checking this option will cause a pop-up window to appear when an alarm is triggered or automatically reset.
  • The pop-up window will not appear if the alarm is manually reset.


Visual Alerts are only displayed on the same machine where the WebWatchBot Service is running.

In order for the visual alerts to be displayed, you must make a change to the WebWatchBot service setting:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Open "Administrative Tools"
  3. Open the "Services" control panel applet
  4. Find the WebWatchBot service, named "WWBServer"
  5. Right-click on WWBServer, and select the menu option "Properties".
  6. Select the "Log On" tab.
  7. The user account for the WebWatchBot service must be set to the "Local System"
  8. The option for "Interact with the desktop" must be checked.