Configuring WebWatchBot to Send SMS Messages

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Difficulty: Intermediate

  • SMS (Short Message Service) is widely used throughout the world to deliver short messages to mobile phones. The majority of mobile phone companies in the USA and Canada allow the sending of a short message to a mobile phone directly from an email client and without a sending fee. (Refer to this tutorial to learn how to send a short message to a USA or Canadian based mobile phone user:
  • Sending a short message via email to mobile users in the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world, requires the use of a SMS gateway that forwards the email message on to a mobile phone. Using a SMS gateway does require a fee in most cases.
  • This tutorial provies instructions on using WebWatchBot with the Clickatell SMS gateway to deliver email alerts. Please note, WebWatchBot v5.1.6 or newer should be used to ensure messages are properly encoded for the Clickatell network.

Create a Clickatell Account


  • Create a Clickatell SMS Gateway account by clicking here, then click the "Sign Up Now" button.
  • Once you have completed the sign up, you will need three pieices of information from your account to send email alerts through the Clickatell SMS gateway:
    • username
    • password
    • api_id
  • To obtain an api_id (These instructions were updated August 2008. Not responsible for content on Clickatell's website):
    • Click "Manage My Products" from the "Central" portal:

    • Select "HTTP" from the "Add Connection" drop-down list:

    • Fill out the form to add a connection. The most important field is the "Dial Prefix" which should be set to the location where the mobile phone messages will be delivered

    • Once the connection is added, an api id will be assigned:

Configure an alert through WebWatchBot

  • Select a Watch Item and open its properties, then select the Alarm tab:
  • Click the "Actions" button in the "Trigger" section:
  • In the "Set Alarm Actions" window, select the "Commands" tab:
  • Enter the Clickatell URL ( in the "URL to Execute" field with the following format:

:The message text may contain special "Replacement Tokens". Refer to the Online WebWatchBot Help for more information.

Example using replacement tokens:<%WatchItemName%>+is+<%AlarmCondition%>
When the replacement tokens are replaced, the url may look like this: wwb-url-to-execute.gif
Also, ensure the "Active" checkbox is checked.
  • Click "OK" to close the "Set Alarm Actions" window, then click "OK" to close the properties window.