Configuring the Remote Registry

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WebWatchBot 5.0 introduces new system monitoring types which require access to the registry. If monitoring a remote computer (any computer that WebWatchBot is not running on), remote registry access is required for the following Watch Types:

  • Performance Counters
  • Process - Uses performance counters for remote computers
  • Service - Uses performance counters for remote computers

On the remote computer, ensure the Remote Registry Service is enabled.

  1. Open the Services control panel applet:
  2. Ensure the Remote Registry service is set to start automatically and that it is started:

Additionally, on the remote computer, registry access may be restricted - by default Administrator accounts have full access to the registry. If organizational policy dictates that access must be elimiated or restricted, you will need to grant access to the registry by the user account that WebWatchBot is running under.

More information on remote registry access:

Microsoft KB article: [How to restrict access to the registry from a remote computer]

Anonymous remote registry access from WinGuides: [Specify Anonymous Remote Registry Access]