Customers Migrating from WebWatchBot Version 5 to Version 6/7

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Free Upgrade Eligibility

If you have purchased WebWatchBot 5.0 between September 1, 2012 and August 31, 2013, or if you have a current ASA, you are entitled to a free upgrade to WebWatchBot version 6.0.

Unsure if you are eligible? Login to check your license purchase date and/or ASA. Most customers with a current ASA have been issued a license key.

Special Notes

  1. This upgrade requires that your current WebWatchBot version 5.0 license key be deactivated before a WebWatchBot version 6/7 license key can be issued.
  2. Please note that WebWatchBot version 4 or 5 license keys will not work with WebWatchBot version 6 or 7.
  3. WebWatchBot with MSDE (Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine) has been discontinued due to Microsoft no longer supporting it. If you are using WebWatchBot with MSDE, you will need to install the full version of SQL Server 2008/2012 Express/Standard/Datacenter. After you install both SQL Server 2008 Express and WebWatchBot, you should contact support for assistance with migrating your existing data.

Upgrade Steps

Back-Up Your Data

  • Back-up your version 5 data (Optional). Though data is not removed during the upgrade, you may wish to back-up your data in the event you wish to roll-back or restore from a previous point in time.


  • Download WebWatchBot version 6. You are downloading the trial version of the software which is activated with a license key that unlocks the features for the Professional or Enterprise version.

Install WebWatchBot version 6/7

  1. Both version 5 and version 6/7 can be installed at the same time on the same computer; however, only version 6/7 will run in Service Mode. This means that version 5 will not run/monitor unless it is configured to run in Application Mode. Also, once a version 5 database is upgraded to version 6/7, you should not run version 5 of WebWatchBot with that database. We recommend uninstalling version 5 in this case.
  2. View a complete installation guide for WebWatchBot.
  3. During the installation, you will see the "Database Server" screen:
    On this screen, you may enter the name of the version 5 database catalog(WebWatchBot by default) if you wish to upgrade that database to version 6/7 and migrate your data. If you plan on running both version 5 and version 6/7 specify a new database catalog (name), e.g. WebWatchBot6 or WebWatchBot7. Specifying a new database catalog name will not migrate your data.


  1. Deactivate your version 5 license key: Deactivating a Licensed Installation of WebWatchBot version 4.0/5.0
  2. If you don't have a version 6/7 license key
    1. Log into the Customer Center and open a support case with the text "Request version 6/7 upgrade license key".
    2. If you are not the primary contact, please provide the name of the primary, email, and company name to speed up the process of locating your customer record.
    3. We will verify that the version 5 license key has been deactivated and issue you a new license key. Once version 6/7 is installed, it normally provides 14 days until activation in the event the new license key is not issued the same day.