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The Dashboard Settings dialog provides configuration for how the dashboard is displayed and primarily how the health status is computed.


Fields and Buttons

Health Status Calculation

The overall health status rating is based on the weight of each of the factors provided in this group.

dashboard_health_status_calculation.gif width="426" height="326">

Baseline Watch Item

Select the Watch Item to use as the baseline which all other Watch Items failure rates are compared against for the Baseline factor of the Health Status calculation.

Failing Watch Item

Failing % needed to be included -Specify the failure rate threshold a Watch Item must go over in order to be considered failing for the Health Status calculation.


Max to Show - Maximum number of Watch Items to display in the Failing Watch Items and Slow Watch Items quadrants of the Dashboard.

Refresh every x minute - Specifies the number of minutes to automatically refresh the Dashboard when the Dashboard view is visible.

Health Status Rating

This group of fields specifies the lower and upper bounds for each rating as displayed in the Health Status.


Failing Weight Calculation

Specifies the weight each Watch Type has in the calcuation of the Failing factor of the Health Status calculation.