Email Settings: Contacts New/Edit User

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(Enterprise and Trial versions only) The New/Edit User dialog allows adding or editing a contact user. Contact users are used in configuring email alerts and emailing reports


Fields and Buttons

  • Name - the name of the user. Displayed in the contacts list. Maximum length of the name is 320 characters.
  • Email Address - email address of the user. Maximum length of the email address is 320 character.
  • Email Type - Format to send email to this user. Type include HTML, Plain Text, and SMS (a shortened message for mobile phones).
  • Address Type - How user is addressed in an email, TO, CC, BCC. If CC or BCC is specified, and user is the only reicipient of an email, the FROM email address in the Email Settings is used as the TO email address.
  • Default - This user is a default user for email alerts. Automatically adds the user to all email alerts.