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WebWatchBot monitors a file on local and remote Windows systems by:

  • Checking the file size.
  • Verifying the file date.
  • Comparing checksum to detect changes.
  • Opening and searching for text in the file.

How does it work?

  • WebWatchBot verifies that the file exists.
  • The file size is checked.
  • The file date is verified.
  • Optionally, the file checksum is compared with the expected value.
  • Optionally, the file is searched for a configured piece of text.

Why Use this Watch Type?

  • Ensure that a critical file exists.
  • Ensure a file does not grow too large.
  • Ensure that a file does not change by verifying its date and time and/or its checksum
  • Ensure the file's content is as expected.
  • If a monitored file fails (e.g. file not found or size/date is incorrect) then use WebWatchBot to automatically execute a command to re-run the process that generated the file.


Fields and Buttons

File Name include the drive letter and path (UNC path is OK)

Verification - an alert will be triggered when the conditions below are met.

Size - use "Get Current" to establish a starting point.

Modified - use "Get Current" to see last modification date/time stamp

Content Change - Checksum

Search Text - Enter a word, phrase or text that should be found in the file when this watch item is run

Search is case sensitive - check box if search results should be case sensitive

If Search text is found, then trigger failure