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HTTP/HTTPS advanced settings specify additional parameters to pass to the watch item when run.


Fields and Buttons


  • Authentication, a username and password (logging in), is used to restrict web pages and other web site resources. WebWatchBot supports "basic" authentication. **NOTE** Authentication is not the same as logging into a web page form - see Post Data
  • Username: the username to log into the URL or IP Address specified
  • Password: the password for the above username
  • Refer to the following KB article for more information on website authentication:


  • WebWatchBot can set a temporary cookie that is valid for the duration of the browser session being hosted by WebWatchBot. Once WebWatchBot is terminated, the cookie is erased.
  • Specify one or more cookies to send with the request in name=value format. Separate multiple cookies with a semicolon.
  • Example:test=test_value;another=something=here