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HTTP/HTTPS Search Settings allow the configuration of search text to search the downloaded content of an HTTP/HTTPS watch item.


Fields and Buttons

Search Text

  • A word, phrase, HTML tags to search for in the downloaded content
  • If blank, no search is performed

Search is case sensitive

If checked, the search text provided must match the same exact case (upper and lower)

If Search text is found, then trigger failure

By default, when the search text is found success is assumed. Check this box to trigger failure. This is useful if you wish to search for a word such as "error", or a phrase "404 Not Found", or HTML "<input...".


Click on the snapshot button, to connect to the watch item's URL or IP Address, download content and set the search text to the text/HTML downloaded.


The current settings will be used to run a test on the watch item but will not affect the overall success. By clicking this button, the "Test Watch Item" dialog box will appear.