Important Performance Counters Worth Monitoring

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Windows Perforamnce Counters provide an astounding array of metrics and data collected by the operating system and major applications. The sheer number of performance counters can make the decision of what to monitor daunting, and the trick is to know what is important and useful. One can collect data from every performance monitor, but if one cannot make sense of it, then it is useless. We make no secret of what needs to be monitored as we tend to follow the recommendations of what product vendors put forth and from experts on the Internet:

IIS - Internet Information Services

ASP.NET performance counters (Microsoft Technet)

A more complete list, with descriptions, of ASP.NET performance counters (Microsoft Technet)

ASP (Classic) (Microsoft Technet)

SQL Server

Most useful counters for SQL Server performance monitoring (MyITForum)

Basic Counters (SQL Server Central)


Windows Server 2003 Performance Counters Reference (Microsoft Technet)

Useful Counters for Stress Testing (Microsoft Technet)