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Consistent throughout WebWatchBot Online, with the exception of the login screen, is the main UI. The UI may be partially customized and is slightly different depending on the type of user that is logged in.

Forms and Links

  • Logo and Web Application Name
    • In the upper right-hand corner is the WebWatchBot Online logo and web application name, "WebWatchBot Online".
    • Clicking on the icon will load the default page for the logged in user type
      • Administrators' and Users' default page is the "Manager"
      • Viewers' default page is "Reports"
  • View Profile - Loads the profile page for the logged in user.
  • Logout / Login - When logged in, "Logout" will be displayed, when not logged in "Login" will be displayed.
  • Explorer
    • The main web application page
    • Visible only to Administrators and Users
  • Reports
    • The main report page
    • Visible to all users
  • Status
    • The main Status report page
    • Visible to all users
  • User Administration
    • The main user administration page
    • Visible only to Administrators

Admin Notes

  • To change the logo image, replace the image named "icon32x32.gif" located in the WebWatchBot Online installation folder, by default: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebWatchBot\images
  • To change the name of the web application, by default "WebWatchBot Online", change the following in the web.config file:
   <add key="ApplicationName" value="WebWatchBot Online" />