Managing files in the WebWatchBot Data Folder

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WebWatchBot stores two primary pieces of data in the Data Folder:

  1. A SQL Server database - Either one managed by WebWatchBot (WebWatchBot with MSDE) or one managed by the end-user (WebWatchBot for SQL Server). If managed by WebWatchBot, the database files are stored in the Data Folder
  2. Log files, captured output, and reports

The Data Folder is specified during installation (Step 10 in the WebWatchBot with MSDE install guide) and can be changed and managed.


  1. The saved pages and log files in the data folder contain a complete snapshot of a downloaded web page. These pages are referenced in some of the reports and are useful for viewing the web page when a watch item has failed.
    You can safely delete them if you are concerned about disk space usage. Use the following instructions: Can I safely delete all the files in the data folder?
  2. Refer to the following FAQ article for instructions on changing the location of where the data is stored: Where does all the data collected by WebWatchBot reside? Can I change this location?
  3. To manage log file growth, change the log type to "Archive" from the default "Append": Tools -> WebWatchBot Preferences, Common Properties, Log. [Refer to the online help for more information |]