Monitoring HTTP/HTTPS - Page will not load in WebWatchBot but will in browser

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WebWatchBot does not properly monitor an HTTP or HTTPS web page


  • The output in WebWatchBot greatly differs from the output in a browser from another computer or logged in user
  • The following error is returned "407: proxy authentication required"
  • Or, a different HTTP error is returned.


In most cases the network is requiring some type of authentication or permission setting to access the network and/or Internet.

The Windows user account that the WebWatchBot service uses to log into Windows with, by default it is the local SYSTEM account. If this user account does not have access, then you need to log in with that account, and then open the websites in Internet Explorer to get access. Typically, this action only needs to be done one time.

Go to the Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Find "WWBServer", open its properties, and then select the "Log on" tab. If it is set to the SYSTEM account, try changing it to a local Administrator account (create one if needed).

Next, log out and log in with the same Administrator account. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the website you want to monitor. Open WebWatchBot Manager and restart the service: Tools -> Stop Service, Tools -> Start Service. Run the Watch Item(s) and/or Transaction(s) you are having trouble with.