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The "Dependencies" tab displays provides configuration of dependent Watch Items. One is assigning Watch Items that the current Watch Item is dependent on. For example, if the properties for a Watch Item named "Homepage" is displayed, then "Homepage" is dependent on the selected Watch Items.

Dependencies are useful for setting up complex relationships between multiple items being monitored. For example, one may want all Watch Items to be suspended if the DNS server stops responding, in order to prevent any false alarms from being triggered.

Fields And Buttons

  • Select a Filter - The selected filter will update the "Available Watch Items" list
  • Available Watch Items - From the list, select one or more to the "Included Watch Items" list.
  • Dependent Watch Items - The Watch Item being edited is dependent on the Watch Items in the list. In other words, if any of the Watch Items change status from UP to DOWN, or DOWN to UP, this Watch Item may have actions committed.
  • Action - Dependency Actions - Configure Actions to take based on dependencies.


WebWatchBot Manager


WebWatchBot Online

Configuration of dependencies is not available in WebWatchBot Online.