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New Scheduled Item

Maintenance periods and reports can be scheduled to run once or on a recurring basis.


Fields and Buttons

Watch Item - Select an existing Watch Item or the special Watch Item "All Watch Items". "All Watch Items" controls the maintenance period for all Watch Items. "All Watch Items" has no reports and therefore cannot have scheduled reports.

Type - Select the type of scheduled item:

  1. Maintenance - A period of time where the Watch Item is suspended and will not run on its regularily scheduled interval. Watch Item maintenance periods overlap maintenance periods for all Watch Items.
  2. Report - A predefined report as selected in the "Report" field.

Type Settings - Scheduled Item type specific settings.

Schedule Date and Time - If a only a date is entered, the time 0:00:00 (12 am) will be used. Click on the "down facing triangle" to display the calendar pop-up.

Click here for a reference on how date and times can be entered.

  1. Start - The date and time to start the maintenance period or report.
  2. End - The date and time to end the maintenance period. Reports do not have an end date and time.

Recurrence Pattern - Select the type recurrence

Range of Recurrence - Define the length or number of ocurrences.

  • 10 years from the start date
  • End after: x occurences
  • End by: date and time