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This watch type allows monitoring of a POP3 mail server to ensure that connections can be successfully established, to monitor Response Time, and to verify transactions between WebWatchBot and the POP3 mail server. The results are analyzed by WebWatchBot.

If search words or phrases are specified in the POP3 settings, the first message in the POP3 email account will be downloaded. If no words or search terms are specified, only handshaking will occur and no message will be retrieved.

For best results, an email account should be created specifically for testing.


  • Reports response time for entire POP3 transaction.
  • Log-in to mail server
  • Can retrieve mail from the mail server and associated attachments
  • Logs complete communication and POP3 commands executed.
  • Reports POP3 status codes and most importantly failures.
  • Supports the ability to save entire transaction to disk or log file.

Why Use this Watch Type?

The POP3 Watch Type is often used to determine if a mail server is available for connections and available to complete a transaction. The two measurements are Response Time - the amount of time that it takes to connect and the amount of time to complete a transaction - and Content Verification – whether the data in the transaction is what was expected. An increase in Response Time may indicate network congestion or an overall increase in customer use of the POP3 mail server. Failure in the content verification may indicate an error in configuration or a network problem

What to monitor

Use the POP3 Watch Type to test POP3 mail servers. It can be used to ensure that a mail server is reachable, and that the Response Time is within allowable limits for both connection and total transaction time. It can be used to ensure that a transaction is returning the intended response by verifying the response against a specified search text.


Fields and Buttons

Account Information

Username - Sets the POP3 username for login. This is a required field.

Password - Sets the POP3 password for login. This is a required field.

Retrieve header only

When checked, the first message header in the email user account will be downloaded. This is useful to test the ability to download and search a message header but save overall bandwidth downloading an entire message.

Search Header Text

A word or phrase that should be found in the header. If left blank, the header will not be searched.

Search Message

A word or phrase that should be found in the entire message. If left blank, the entire message will not be searched. A search will be performed on not only the message body parts, but attachments as well, i.e. all MIME parts.


The current settings will be used to run a test on the watch item but will not affect the overall success. By clicking this button, the "Test Watch Item" dialog box will appear.