Performance Chart

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Performance Chart

The Performance Chart Pane displays the selected watch item(s) response time data. The data can be displayed in numerous ways (See Performance Chart Options section below).

The Performance Chart will initially load data for a watch item, but will not automatically refresh itself. Click on the Refresh button in the Performance Chart pane to refresh the chart from historical data.


(Response Time Chart displaying All time average for multiple watch items)



(From Left to right)

  • Performance Chart Options - Opens the Performance Chart Options Dialog.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the chart with data that may have been updated since the last time the chart was drawn.
  • Copy to clipboard - A drop-down will appear, offering different options to copy the chart to the Window clipboard.
  • Gallery - A drop-down will appear, offering different chart types to display the data
  • Vertical Grid - Toggles the chart vertical grid on/off
  • Horizontal Grid - Toggles the chart horizontal grid on/off
  • Legend Box - Toggles the legend box on/off. By default, the legend box is off when a single watch item is charted, and on when multiple watch items are charted.
  • Data Editor - Toggles the data editor on/off.
  • Properties - Opens the chart properties dialog to customize the appearance of the chart. Separate help for the chart properties dialog is available by clicking the "Help" button in the chart properties dialog.
  • 3D/2D - Toggles the chart view between 3D and 2D.
  • Rotate - Opens the chart properties dialog to customize the rotation view of the chart.
  • Z-Clustered - Lets you display series in different rows along the z-axis.
  • Zoom - Allows zooming of the chart. Click the "Zoom" button, then click-drag the area of the chart for zooming:
    To un-zoom, click the "Zoom" button again.
  • Print Preview - Displays the print preview dialog
  • Print - Prints the chart
  • Tools - A drop-down will appear, with the options:
    1. Values Legend - (Not available with Series X-Axis Label)
    2. Series Legend
    3. Data Editor
  • X-Axis Labels - A drop-down will appear with four different X-Axis label types:
    1. Date
    2. DateTime
    3. Time
    4. Series

Constant Lines


When a single watch item is charted, two chart constant lines are displayed:

  1. Max Response Time - the maximum amount of time that a watch item must respond or the watch item will fail with a timeout.
  2. Average - the overall average response time. This average is for all data collected and not representative of just the data displayed in the chart.