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WebWatchBot uses Windows performance counters to capture and analyze performance data for applications, services, and drivers. You can use this information to determine system bottlenecks and fine-tune system and application performance.

WebWatchBot monitors Windows Performance Counters on local and non-local Windows systems including in depth monitoring of:

  • CPU usage - Total usage, per process usage, and per processor for multi-procesor systems.
  • Memory usage - Per process or system-wide.
  • .NET - Memory, exceptions, remoting, security and more.
  • IIS - Requests, cache usage, and more.
  • SQL Server - Memory, cache, statistics, locks and more.
  • Physical Disk - Disk time, queue length, read time, write time, and more.
  • Any process or service and almost every physical device.

How does it work?

  • WebWatchBot queries a performance counter on the specified machine for a value.
  • Returned value is verified to be less than, equal to or greater than a configured value.


Why Use this Watch Type?

  • Monitor hundreds of system resources, applications and their sub-components
  • Ensure that a system resources aren't being overused
  • Ensure critical applications are running
  • Watch for sudden fluctuations or changes
  • Easier for monitoring Windows based systems than monitoring with SNMP.

Performance Counter Settings


Fields and Buttons

Computer Name

Enter the name of the computer you wish to monitor

Performance Counters

Drop down lists show performance counters available for the Windows server you entered above


Select type of verification needed. Values can be verified as: greater than, less than or equal to

Scale (Optional)

The scale feature allows WebWatchBot to adjust the returned value according to the scale entered. This is used to adjust the value of dissimilar integers so they may be displayed more meaningfully in context of other watch items when displayed together on a chart. For example, is a value of 100,000 is returned, and a scale value of .001 is entered, the value displayed on the results chart will be 100.



Performance counters require access to the system registry. If monitoring performance counters on a non-local machine, the remote registry service must be running on the remote machine.

When running WebWatchBot as a Windows Service, Watch Items and Transactions will run under the user account for the WebWatchBot service (SYSTEM by default). If the test fails, check that the user account for the Windows Service has permission to access the resource.

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More Information

Because it can be overwhelming to determine the best performance counters to monitor, we suggest reading the excellent article Key Performance Counter Monitors by Mitch Tulloch.