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This watch type is for connecting to a specified URL or IP address and port number with results analyzed by WebWatchBot. This watch type also provides details on the Response Time, success and failure of that connection


  • Response Time – the amount of time that it takes for a packet to make a round-trip
  • Reports errors:
    • No connection - URL or IP Address not found, connection refused, etc.
    • Timeout

How does it work?

The Port Watch Type will connect to the specific IP address or URL and port number once. The Watch Type collects the response time and/or failure from this one test.

Why Use this Watch Type?

The Port Watch Type is often used to determine if a bottleneck or network problem exists by connecting to the specified location. The two measurements are Response Time - the amount of time that it takes for the connection and disconnection and connection failure. A sustained increase in Response Time or connection failure indicates a problem with the network including the hardware in-between. A periodic increase in response time and connection failure, for example during business hours, may suggest that there is network congestion.

What to monitor

Use the Port Watch Type to connect to devices that do not use other protocols supported by WebWatchBot. It is a good test of a device's responsiveness and ability to accept connections.