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The "General" section controls how the WebWatchBot Engine starts.


Fields And Buttons

Start Up

  • Run all Watch Items at Start Up
    • If checked, all active Watch Items and Transactions are run in the order which they are loaded from the database
    • For better performance, uncheck this option to allow each Watch Item to execute its specified frequency after WebWatchBot starts. For example, if Watch Item A runs every 1 minute and Watch Item B runs every 5 minutes, Watch Item A will run 1 minute after WebWatchBot starts, and Watch Item B will run 5 minutes after WebWatchBot starts.
  • Start Delay - Maximum number of milliseconds to delay between starting each active thread when WebWatchBot starts.
    The delay will increase overall performance and will help prevent resource collisions and database deadlocks.
    This delay is necessary when more than 50 Watch Items are active to prevent performance problems caused by too many Watch Items running simultaneously. If there are less than 50 Watch Items, this option may be reduced, but it is recommended that the value be set to no less than 1000 (ms).
    This setting also affects the behavior of "Run All Now" and "Activate"
  • Warm Up - If a number greater than 0 is specified, WebWatchBot will discard statistics collected for the number of runs specified.
    Have a warm up period allows all of the active Watch Items to start and prevents abnormally high response times from being recorded, and false alarms from being triggered.
    If there are more than 50 active Watch Items, we recommend setting this option to 1. If there are more than 200 active Watch Items, we recommend setting this option to 2.