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The "General" section provides configuration options for general settings.


Fields And Buttons

Start Up

  • Run as a Windows Service - Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only.
  • Show WebWatchBot icon in the system tray.
    • The system tray is the area in the lower right hand corner of the screen. The WebWatchBot icon is the magnifying glass.
    • By default, this option is checked/active.
    • Double clicking the WebWatchBot icon, will restore the WebWatchBot main window if it is minimized, and/or bring the window to the top of the window order.
    • Right-clicking on the WebWatchBot icon, will display a menu of options
  • Start WebWatchBot Minimized
    • When WebWatchBot starts, it is minimized to the taskbar.
    • The taskbar is the area at the bottom of the screen
    • By default, this option is not checked/active.


  • Connectivity Monitor
    • Connection Alive if this Watch Item is UP - Select the Watch Item that is used to determine that connectivity to the network and/or the Internet has been lost. If the selected Watch Item has an Alarm condition of Down, then maintenance mode will be started until the Alarm condition is Up.

Reports (v6)

  • Report Pathname - The physical pathname/directory where reports should be copied to for viewing in the web based GUI.
  • Report Virtual Pathname - The virtual directory where reports can be accessed through a web browser.