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The "Log" section provides configuration options for logging.


Fields And Buttons


  • Log - A log of all activity is available for each watch item.
  • Changes made to the type of log being used take effect when WebWatchBot is restarted.
  • By default, "Append" is selected. This will append to an existing log file if it exists. Set to no log for a slight increase to performance.
  • Log writes are written immediately to disk.
  • Logs are located in the "log" directory under the "data" directory which is located under the installation directory. By default, the log directory is (Windows 2000/XP/2003) "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ExclamationSoft\WebWatchBot 5\" or (Windows Vista/2008) C:\ProgramData\ExclamationSoft\WebWatchBot 5. To quickly get to the data folder, in WebWatchBot Manager, select the menu items: Help -> ExclamationSoft Support -> View Data Folder.
  • The name of the log file is the name of the watch item with a .txt file extension. For example: ""


  • Log Type
    • None - No log will be created
    • Append - Do not overwrite (clear logs manually)
    • Archive - Archive when full, do not overwrite.
  • Maximum Log Size
    • The maximum size of the log in KB. Applies only to log types: Archive. Recommended value: more than 50(KB) and less than 1000000(1GB)
  • Archived log files to keep
    • The number of archived log files to keep. Applies only to log types: Archive.