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WebWatchBot monitors processes on local and non-local Windows systems by:

  • Monitoring the state of the process: running or not running.
  • Monitoring CPU usage %.
  • Monitoring the memory usage.
  • Monitoring the total number of threads.


  • Ensure that a critical process is running.
  • Ensure that unwanted processes are not running.
  • Raise awareness of processes consuming too much CPU time.
  • Track memory usage of a process.
  • Monitor fluctuations of process threads.


Fields and Buttons

Computer Name - name of computer with Windows service to be monitored

Name - The name of the process.

Select - Opens the "Select Process" dialog, which displays a list of active processes to choose from:


Running - unchecking this box will cause the watch item to fail if the process is running

CPU Usage % - threshold for triggering an alert

Memory Usage - threshold for triggering an alert

Thread Count - threshold for triggering an alert

More Information

Process monitoring on non-local Windows systems requires access to the remote system registry. The remote registry service must be running on the non-local machine.