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Data Format

Previous to version 5.1, users had two options for storing data collected by WebWatchBot:

1. store data in an existing SQL Server database or 2. store data in a Microsoft Access database, which limited its storage capacity and long term performance and scalability.

WebWatchBot 5.1 will eliminate the option of using Microsoft's Access and offer two options for storing data:

1. Store data in an existing SQL Server database or

2. Install and use the free MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition).

Back-Up of Data

It is a good practice to back-up your data on a regular basis. If you are using WebWatchBot with a pre-installed instance of SQL Server, please consult your SQL Server documentation on procedures for backing up your data.

If you are using WebWatchBot with MSDE, you should back-up all files and subfolders in your data directory which is, by default, located under:

\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ExclamationSoft\WebWatchBot 5\

The frequency which you back-up your data depends on the number of watch items you have and the frequency with which they are run. The more watch items and the more frequently they are run, the more frequently a back-up should be performed.