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Version 3

3.0.10a (Build 12702) October 8, 2005

  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: POST data not being posted - introduced with v3.0.10
  • Bug Fix ( New installations of WebWatchBot with SQL Server. WebWatchBot Manager application will start, then immediately quit without error. The service will run without interruption or error.

3.0.10 October 5, 2005

  • Enhancement: Transactions: Persist Form Data - This option will cause all steps after the first to use form data from the previous step. For example if step one has a form variable with a name that matches a form variable on step two, the value from step one will be persisted on step two.
  • Enhancement: Reports (HTML format): Report images are now copied along with HTML of the report to the destination directory specified in the report setting "Output Filename".

Enhancement: HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: Added new field "Header" - Optional. Allows custom HTTP headers to be set.

  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: When a transaction without a step is tested, the test window hangs and does not provide a way to exit. Added a warning message and now allowing the window to be closed.
  • Bug Fix ( Watch Item Copy: Copying a Watch Item causes updates to the Watch List to stop until the UI is restarted.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: Removal of an intermediate step will cause step order to have a gap and not execute properly until the transaction summary is updated.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: Broken images in Output window pane caused by HTTPS pages referencing HTTP pages and vice-versa.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: Transaction steps not properly updating statistics in UI.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types: A Watch Item run that fails may display the output from the last run, though no data (HTML) was actually received.
  • Bug Fix ( Scheduled Reports: If one report from one Watch Item is scheduled to run twice or more at the same time, the application will crash. Logic added to make any subsequent runs of the same exact report wait until prior runs have completed.
  • Bug Fix (3.0.10): Various minor Bug Fixes.

3.0.9 September 8, 2005

  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: If a transaction fails, the next time it runs a crash occurs if and only if the transaction option "Continue after a step fails" is not set.
  • Bug Fix ( Transactions: Resetting an alarm for a transaction step, resets the Watch Item, but is not properly updated in the GUI.
  • Bug Fix ( Command Action: If more than 10 Watch Items have commands to execute when a Watch Item alarm is triggered or reset, WebWatchBot may not display the correct command even though the value is properly stored in the database.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTP Watch Types: If a HTTP 302 is encountered on a secure (HTTPS Watch Type) that redirects to a non-secure site, the redirect will fail.
  • Bug Fix ( HTTPS Watch Types: Pages with image tags with relative SRC locations (example: src="image/image1.gif"), slow performance and don't display.
  • Bug Fix ( Various minor bug fixes.

3.0.8 August 1, 2005

  • Bug Fix: DNS Watch Type: Lookup types not properly saving after modification.
  • Bug Fix: Delete Last Watch Group: Deleting the last Watch Group will cause an error in WebWatchBot Manager - bug introduced in v3.0.7.
  • Bug Fix: Alarm Action Command: Total length of command and parameters expanded to 255.
  • Bug Fix: When sending support a "Full Report", the communication logs are now copied to ensure that they can be sent. Previously, files may have been locked, preventing the full logs from being sent.
  • Bug Fix: Various minor bug fixes.

3.0.7 July 6, 2005

  • Bug Fix: Crash: Various bug fixes that caused trial version to unexpectedly stop running on Windows 2003 SP1.
  • Bug Fix: Transactions: Crash when adding or updating a transaction while it is executing.
  • Bug Fix: Visual Alert: HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types - images appear broken.
  • Bug Fix: Alarm Action Command: After adding command(s) and/or URL(s) settings are saved, but do not always re-appear when editing after the first time.
  • Bug Fix: Alarm Action Command: If the command does not include a full path, an error message will appear. Removed this restriction to allow execution of programs that are in the SYSTEM PATH.
  • Bug Fix: Charting Transactions: Stacked charts for transactions should always be ordered by correct execution order.
  • Bug Fix: Invalid CA: HTTPS Watch Types that monitor pages which return an error dialog with the message "The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect" now bypass the error message and load the page.
  • Bug Fix: Schedule Items: After creating a Watch Item and selecting a report, changing the Watch Item causes the scheduled item to lose the report scheduled without notification.
  • Bug Fix: Schedule Items: Editing an existing schedule item that runs a report, the selected report is lost.
  • Bug Fix: Floating Window Panes: If a window pane, e.g. Real-Time Chart View, Performance Chart View, etc., is left open when the WebWatchBot Manager application is closed a crash would occur in previous versions. Now, the entire layout is reset to the default if a window pane is left floating.

3.0.6 June 8, 2005

  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Redirect on HTTP 301: If True, WebWatchBot will automatically redirect to the URL specified in the header and/or content. Setting this option to TRUE (default) will cause WebWatchBot to act much like your browser does.
  • Change: Single quote allowed in Watch Item name, Group name, and Transaction name.
  • Bug Fix: Memory Leak caused by Old historical data removal.
  • Bug Fix: Reports double-run: When running WebWatchBot as a Windows service, and if the manager is open when a scheduled report runs, the scheduled report(s) will run twice.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved date formatting issues with the Scheduler.
  • Bug Fix: Various minor bug fixes.

3.0.5 May 31, 2005

  • Enhancement: Execute Command on Alarm Reset: Added Watch Item alarm actions to execute an external program or URL upon alarm reset.
  • Enhancement: Real-Time Chart options: Specify the maximum number of units in milliseconds, or variable number of units (default and previous version setting).
  • Enhancement: Relative date ranges for reports: Report date ranges now include the option to specify "today", "yesterday", etc. in addition to specific start and end dates.
  • Enhancement: Relative date ranges for Response Time Chart: Response Time Chart date ranges now include the option to specify "today", "yesterday", etc. in addition to specific start and end dates.
  • Enhancement: Schedule Database Maintenance: Scheduled Items of type "Maintenance" now have two new options: "Compress and Repair" WebWatchBot database - MS Access database and for "All Watch Items" schedule entry - and "Remove old records" where you may instruct WebWatchBot to remove old records from All Watch Items or a selected Watch Item.
  • Enhancement: Old historical data removal: Scheduled Items of type "Maintenance" now have two new options: "Compress and Repair" WebWatchBot database - MS Access database and for "All Watch Items" schedule entry - and "Remove old records" where you may instruct WebWatchBot to remove old records from All Watch Items or a selected Watch Item.
  • Enhancement: Added custom header to email alerts: X-Urgent
  • Enhancement: Added "Refresh" menu item to "View" menu and to "Secondary" toolbar. Clicking on refresh when in the Dashboard View will reload all charts.
  • Change: Scheduled Items: New button "Type Settings" to set schedule type specific settings. Report list drop-down, "Add" and "Edit" buttons moved to Type Settings dialog for Schedule Report dialog.
  • Change: WWBCmdLine, log file is no longer appended to. If the log previously exists, then it is cleared before it is written to again.
  • Change: Response Time Chart aptly renamed Performance Chart.
  • Bug Fixed: Scheduler: Right-click on scheduler area, then click "Add" or "Edit" buttons causes program crash.
  • Bug Fixed: Transactions: Crash when adding or updating a transaction while it is executing.
  • Bug Fixed: Enterprise/Trial version, using MS SQL Server: During extended maintenance periods for "All Watch Items", the connection to SQL server can be broken. New program logic has been added to re-establish connections shortly before the maintenance period ends.
  • Bug Fixed: Non-US date formatting: Numerous dates were displayed in US MM/DD/YYYY format. Corrected dates to reflect regional date format.
  • Bug Fixed: Various minor bug fixes.

3.0.4 April 25, 2005

  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Redirect on HTTP 302: If True, WebWatchBot will automatically redirect to the URL specified in the header with the "Location:" attribute. In some cases, due to network configuration, automatic redirects do not occur automatically and this setting needs to be set to TRUE.
  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Start Delay: Maximum number of milliseconds to delay between starting each active thread when WebWatchBot starts. This delay is necessary when more than 50 Watch Items are configured to prevent performance problems caused by too many Watch Items running simultaneously.
  • Enhancement: Added new WebWatchBot preference: Warm Up: If a number greater than 0 is specified, WebWatchBot will discard statistics collected for the number of runs specified.
  • Enhancement: Enterprise/Trial version, using MS SQL Server: Added several new indexes.
  • Bug Fixed: WWBCmdLine: Fixed bug with Clear Statistics, preventing stats from being cleared.
  • Bug Fixed: Added Logic to remove orphaned transactions, which may have been left behind in version 3.0.
  • Bug Fixed: Standard and Professional versions were limited to a maximum number of Watch Items of 24 and 49 respectively.
  • Bug Fixed: Updates to the Log and Output pane not being updated when the WebWatchBot service running under an account other than the "System" account or the "System" account is not configured to "Allow service to interact with desktop"
  • Bug Fixed: Setting the interval to less than 15 seconds causes crash after second performance warning.
  • Change: "Run all Watch Items at start up" WebWatchBot preference moved in WebWatchBot Preferences from Common, General section to Advanced, General Section

3.0.3 March 18, 2005

  • Enhancement: Watch Items in individual maintenance mode, now shown with Windows system color "inactive border" in the WebWatchBot Explorer Watch List - for example, by default in Windows XP, this color is light gray. NOTE: Color is not updated in real-time to save system resources and help performance.
  • Bug Fixed: Running WebWatchBot as a Windows Service now works through Remote Desktop/Terminal Services. The incompatibility issue has been resolved.
  • Bug Fixed: Upgrade process: When adding columns, if the column exists an error is raised for non-English Windows installations.
  • Bug Fixed: Enterprise/Trial version, using Remote Connection: Resolved a number of issues with Remote Connection functionality.
  • Bug Fixed: Corrected potential problem with scheduling reports where an error message regarding duplicate layers is displayed.
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed crash caused when in Scheduler View, selecting the menu items Edit->Delete or Edit->Properties when no scheduled item is selected.
  • Bug Fixed: Double-run after Watch Item ends maintenance period.
  • Bug Fixed: After individual Watch item maintenance mode ends, there is a delay until the first time the Watch Item is run. The delay has been eliminated.
  • Change: The requirement for the WebWatchBot Service (named WWBServer in the Windows Services list) to run under the system account has been removed. You can specify any valid Windows login account.

3.0.2 March 3, 2005

  • Enhancement: Using MS Access Database: Before database maintenance is performed, the database is backed up to the sub-folder "backup" located under the data folder.
  • Enhancement: During database maintenance, orphaned records are removed if they exist.
  • Bug Fixed: Enterprise/Trial version only: Scheduled reports would not run - Introduced with v3.0.1

3.0.1 March 1, 2005

  • Enhancement: Reports can now use date ranges that include a specific time.
  • Bug Fixed: Enterprise/Trial version, using MS SQL Server. The uptime/downtime chart in the dashboard displays no data.
  • Bug Fixed: When a transaction is selected and displayed in the "Explorer", when creating a new watch item, one is prompted to add it to the current transaction. If the answer is "yes", the Watch Item is properly added to the transaction.
  • Bug Fixed: BUG11Feb2005 : WebWatchBot Maintenance Schedule - When running WebWatchBot as a Windows Service: Adding, changing or deleting a scheduled maintenance window for "All Watch Items" requires a service restart to take effect.
  • Bug Fixed: Report Summaries now accurately reflect date range if specified in report settings.
  • Bug Fixed: Deleting a scheduled item through the menu option: Edit -> Delete -> Delete Scheduled Item could cause an error or the deletion of the wrong scheduled item.
  • Bug Fixed: Enterprise/Trial version, using MS SQL Server. Data type for HistoryItem table are "smalldatetime", should be "datetime". Upgrade process will fix this error, or can be manually altered through SQL Server tools.
  • Bug Fixed: After clearing stats, the real-time chart would increase the number of maximum data points until the chart is refreshed.
  • Bug Fixed: Some data points in the data editor have blank labels.
  • Bug Fixed: Minor bug fixes

3.0 January 12, 2005

  • Enhancements: Please view the What's New page.

Version 2

2.1.5 December 11, 2004

  • Bug Fixed: Response time for a test should be closer to actual run for HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types.
  • Bug Fixed: Response time for Ping Watch Types should be more accurate.
  • Bug Fixed: Occasional WebWatchBot Manager crash when running a test on a Watch Item.
  • Bug Fixed: Log file failed to initialize for new Watch Items until WebWatchBot Application/Server restart.
  • Bug Fixed: Running a test in the Watch Type Settings window for POP3 and SMTP types would cause a crash.
  • Bug Fixed: Running a test in the Watch Type Settings for POP3 and SMTP types would not reflect changes in fields in that settings window.
  • Bug Fixed: After clearing stats on a Watch Item, if the Real-Time view is visible when a new data point is added by the Watch Item running, an exception occurs.
  • Bug Fixed: Automatically wrap lines in alarm email address fields, and the post data field.
  • Bug Fixed: Sending of email alerts for Watch Items which are transaction steps would fail to send.
  • Bug Fixed: Email alert headings now display HTTP status code and explanation as intended.
  • Bug Fixed: Text color in outlook bar is now the default Windows Text color (from the system settings) instead of white, which is unreadable.
  • Bug Fixed: Snapshot feature for HTTP Search Settings, now will pass username/password authentication, cookies, and post data if specified.
  • Change: The stored date and time for the last database maintenance is now stored as a number (total seconds since January 1, 1970) to correct a localization problem with determining when the last database maintenance was performed.
  • Change: Ping Watch Types now have a log file.
  • Change: If post data for HTTP Watch Types, contain a < (less than sign) as the first character, the Content-type will be automatically set to "text/xml". By default the Content-type is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
  • Change: The window layout for WebWatchBot Manager will be reset the first time this version is installed and run.
  • Change: Circular log type has been removed since it has been widely reported to cause problems.
  • Change: Minor cosmetic changes.

2.1.4a October 11, 2004

  • Bug Fixed: Added missing DLL to installation.
  • Bug Fixed: Corrected issue with custom reports.

2.1.4 October 5, 2004

  • Enhancement: Transactions with Watch Items that are exclusively run in transactions, show a chart that is "stacked". Refer to features tour for an example.
  • Bug Fixed: Resizing chart points causes the WebWatchBot Manager to crash. Fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: If the setting under Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced Tab: "Ping Watch Types: If "Destination Unreachable" set response time (in ms). " is set to zero (0), response times are set to 0. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: Resetting or Clearing Stats for a Watch Item via WWBCmdLine while it is running will properly reset it when the Watch Item is finished running. Previously, a race condition occurred between WWBCmdLine and a Watch Item's thread, preventing the Watch Item from being reset or the stats from being cleared.
  • Bug Fixed: Fix for chart labels not showing when the available data points are less than the max points and the window size is less than or equal to 600.
  • Bug Fixed: Downtime Report: Corrected calculation of downtime.

2.1.3 September 11, 2004

  • Bug Fixed: Running WebWatchBot in Windows Service mode: Real-Time chart incorrectly showing 0 (zero) values.
  • Enhancement: Ping watch types have new configuration options.
  • Change: Ping component of WebWatchBot has changed which should reflect more accurate response times.

2.1.2 September 3, 2004

  • Enhancement: Performance improvement in Real-Time Chart when the number of selected Watch Items exceeds the maximum number of items that can be charted.
  • Enhancement: HTTP/HTTPS Watch Types will timeout if any part of the download, HTML, images, or both exceed the specified maximum number of milliseconds to respond. Older versions would continue to wait for a response and prevent a timely alert from being triggered.
  • Enhancement: WWBCmdLine: Specifying a Watch Item name is now case insensitive.
  • Enhancement: WWBCmdLine: Specifying a Report name is now case insensitive.
  • Bug Fixed: Opening Transaction properties and selecting the Details tab reverse orders the Watch Item execution order.
  • Bug Fixed: WWBCmdLine: -resetalarm, -resetall, -clearstats is immediately reflected in the WebWatchBot Service and GUI.
  • Bug Fixed: If email settings defined, a Watch Item's thread will try to send an alert email for 2.5 minutes before giving up. In this case, no attempt should be made.

2.1.1 August 7, 2004

  • Bug Fixed: 'Test' feature for transactions does not work until you have saved the transaction.
  • Bug Fixed: Transaction duplicates Watch Item steps when a new transaction is created, the GUI is closed and reopened.
  • Bug Fixed: When testing Ping watch types, the response time may be different than when running the Watch Item normally. .

2.1 July 30, 2004

  • Enhancement: Transactions
  • Enhancement: Colorized grid lines based on status or type: Down=Red, Up=Black, Transactions= Grey: Tools -> Preferences -> General.
  • Enhancement: In the main window, if the grid is hiding text, moving the mouse over the hidden text will cause the text to pop-up, making it more visible.
  • Enhancement: Option to run all watch items at start-up. If monitoring a large number of items, performance can be improved by un-checking this option so that Watch Items sleep for its specified interval before running for the first time: Tools -> Preferences -> General.
  • Enhancements: WWBCmdLine:
  1. Added parameter -clearstats: Combine -clearstats with -watchitem to clear statistics for the specified Watch Item.
  2. Added parameter -service: Configures WebWatchBot to run as a Windows Service.
  3. Added parameter -noservice: Configures WebWatchBot to run as a Windows Application.
  4. Added parameter -resetalarm: Combine -resetalarm with -watchitem to reset the alarm for the specified Watch Item.
  5. Added parameter -resetall: Resets alarms for all Watch Items.
  • Bug Fixed: Uninstallation process will now stop the service if it is running before uninstalling.

2.0.3 July 30, 2004

  • Enhancement: Added low disk space check at start-up of WebWatchBot Manager application if disk space is below 100 bytes a warning message is shown.
  • Enhancement: HTTP/HTTPS Watch types have a new "Data Collection" option: to remove JavaScript from a page that may cause problems with WebWatchBot's Output window pane.
  • Enhancement: New feature: Export Selected. Will only export selected Watch Items in the main view. File -> Import/Export -> Export Selected.
  • Enhancement: New Chart Options to help with performance issues under Tools -> Preferences -> General Tab.
  1. Added new option: "Allow multiple Watch Item selections to be reflected in Charts". selected, when multiple Watch Items are selected in the Watch List, all of those selected will be charted in the Real-Time Chart and Response Time Chart. To increase performance, de-select this item.
  2. Added new setting: "Maximum number of Watch Items to show in a single chart". If "Allow Multiple Watch Item selections to be reflected in charts" is checked, then you may specify the maximum number of selected Watch Items that any chart will display. The default value is 3 and may be any number between 1 and 50. To increase performance, set this value to a number less than 5.
  • Enhancement: Performance improvements:
    • No wait to open a Watch Item's properties
    • Load times on charts significantly faster.
    • When running as an application, shut-down time is faster.
  • Enhancement: Added setting for Ping Watch Types: If a ping returns "destination unreachable", the current response time is set to 0. Now, a default response time can be set for "destination unreachable": Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced.
  • Enhancement: If the Service stops unexpectedly, WebWatchBot Manager will prompt to start the service.
  • Enhancement: Watch Item test window contains an output window to show real-time output
  • Change: In Service Mode, when the service is stopped, all operations are allowed except for running a Watch Item.
  • Change: Restored graphs to reports which were present in version 1.x and not initially in version 2.x.
  • Bug Fixed: HTTP Watch Types monitoring URLs with form tags containing a blank/empty ACTION attribute will cause the WebWatchBot Manager application to consume 100% CPU. This was introduced with version 2.0.1 and has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: Email addresses with a single quote are now handled properly and do not cause an error.
  • Bug Fixed: Using a date range in a report causes no rows to be returned.
  • Bug Fixed: Maintenance mode could be overridden by restarting the service, resetting a Watch Item, or changing Watch Item Properties. This is now prevented.
  • Bug Fixed: If disk space is low, caused a GPF (Crash).
  • Bug Fixed: Running Reports: When a report is running and loading history, the cancel button is ineffective.
  • Bug Fixed: Setting the default report was not being saved to the database. Fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: After adding a new Transaction or Watch Group, if you select a different Watch Group or Transaction, WebWatchBot Manager would crash. (Known Issue).
  • Bug Fixed: A report that is a "Detailed Report" type, with successes and failures unchecked would cause the application to hang when run. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: Clear stats clears alarm if triggered and resets the last HTTP status code and "Last Response Text".

2.0.2 April 29, 2004

  • Bug Fixed: HTTP Watch Types monitoring URLs with form tags containing a blank/empty ACTION attribute will cause the WebWatchBot Manager application to consume 100% CPU. This was introduced with version 2.0.1 and has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: After changing the port number for a watch item, viewing the properties for the same watch item shows the default port number. This was introduced with version 2.0.1 and has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: Now preventing blank/empty Watch Group names
  • Bug Fixed: Now preventing Watch Groups with the same name. If a new Watch Group has the same name as an existing Watch Group, the new Watch Group will have a suffix with a series number in parenthesis, e.g. Group(1).
  • Bug Fixed: If a Watch Group has a name that is exactly the same as a filter or Watch Type "My Watches" or "Watch Explorer", when the Watch Group is selected, the filter or type will be selected instead. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fixed: For Ping Watch Types, when opening the properties window the port field is no longer editable.
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed memory leak and performance problem caused by sending email alerts.
  • Bug Fixed: Fixed Known Issue: Cannot install on a drive letter that is not the same as the drive letter for "Program Files"
  • Bug Fixed: Pinging a non-reachable device returns success. When running a test on the same watch item, a "timed-out" response is returned

2.0.1 April 10, 2004

  • Enhancement: When a database error occurs, the option to send data to support is given. The error message is also less technical.
  • Enhancement: Added "Default email address for alerts" under Tools -> Preferences -> Mail. If one or more email addresses are entered into this field, all new watch items will have the email address prepopulated for email alerts.
  • Bug Fixed: Improved HTML parsing routine: FixURL, which increases overall HTTP(S) monitoring performance.
  • Bug Fixed: Disallow special characters: ' (single quote)
  • Bug Fixed: Corrected HTML output for HTTPS watch types, that download page and images, to properly parse CSS and images.
  • Bug Fixed: Proxy settings being set were not available to the system account. If proxy server settings are needed, WebWatchBot running as a service, would not use the set values. This has been corrected.
  • Bug Fixed: Changing mail settings are updated immediately and do not require a program restart.
  • Bug Fixed: For Ping Watch Types, testing a watch item would return a very large response time, when the detination is unreachable. Unreachable destinations are reported as such and timeouts are reachable destinations that exceed the limit.
  • Bug Fixed: When viewing properties of a watch item for Ping and DNS types, the Port field is now disabled.

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