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NOTE: Report Manager is available in WebWatchBot v5 and earlier.

Once a watch item has been created, use the Report Manager to add, edit, delete or run a report.


Fields and Buttons

Report List

  • A listing of all the reports for a watch item.
  • The default report's name contains "(Default)" appended to the end of the report name. A default report can be run from the main window by clicking on the "Run Default Report" icon in the toolbar or from the "Report" menu.


  • Add - Add a new report.
  • Edit - Edit the currently highlighted report.
  • Delete - Delete the currently selected report.
  • Run - Run the currently selected report.
  • Set As Default - Set the currently selected report as the default.
  • Rebuild Default Reports - **Caution** Deletes all of the reports and rebuilds the default reports packaged with WebWatchBot.