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The "General Tab" contains basic information on a report.


Fields and Buttons

Report Name

The name of the report. This is the name that is displayed at the top of all HTML reports and is visible in the Report Manager's Report List.

Output Filename

  • The fully qualified pathname of the file for the report.
  • By default, the path is the system's temporary directory.
  • By default, the filename is the name of the report with the report file type extension: .html, .csv, or .xml.


  • There are four output formats:
    • Save to file only (Don't display)
    • Display in web browser - After the report has been generated, it will display in the default web browser.
    • Display in Notepad
    • Display in Associated Program - this is the registered program for the file format. For example, a .html file normally opens in a web browser; and, a .txt file normally opens in Notepad.

Report Output Type

  • There are three report types
    • HTML
    • Delimited (CSV, pipe)
      • If the selected report type is CSV, the [[Report Manager: Delimited Report Type Settings|Settings] button is available.
    • XML
    • PDF (Portable Document Format)


  • Email Addresses - Enter one or more, separated by a comma (,), semicolon (;), or pipe (|)
    • By default, there are no email addresses entered.
    • (Enterprise and Trial versions only) Contacts can be entered in this field or selected by clicking on the "Add Contacts" button.
    • (Enterprise and Trial versions only) Contact users can be entered with enclosing less than & greater than signs (<>) and contact groups can be entered with enclosing braces ([ ]). For example: <username>, and [groupname]
  • Active - If active, an email will be sent to the specified email addresses when the report is run.
  • Zip Compress - Report contents will be zip compressed to reduce size, and added to the email as an attachment. If not selected, the report will be sent as part of the email message body.