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The Reports page is the main hub for all of the reports for the current WebWatchBot Instance.

Forms and Links

Toolbar Buttons

  • Create a New Report - Starts short wizard to creating a report
  • Report Properties - Opens the report properties window/page
  • Delete - Deletes the selected report without confirmation
  • Run Now - Runs the currently selected report. Note: If the status of the report does not immedately show "Running" or "Completed", click the "Refresh" button on the toolbar.
  • Refresh - Refreshes the page, reloading all of the report data, including statuses.
  • View Report - Opens a new window with the output of the selected report, if the report was run at least once.

Report Sections

The Reports page is segmented with tabs named:

  • Standard Reports - Reports for "All Watch Items" and Watch Groups
  • Watch Item/Transaction Reports - Reports for individual Watch Items and Transactions
  • Favorites - Favorited reports. To make a report a favorite, you must designate this in WebWatchBot Manager by right-clicking on a report and selecting "Add to Favorites".


The Report list, by default, is grouped by Watch Item Name. This can be changed, by dragging a column to the grouping area. Groupings are not saved and will be reset if the view/page is exited and then reloaded.


This section offers actions to complete on selected reports

Recently Run

This sections displays a link for each of the recently run reports in reverse chronological order, where the newest (last run) report is displayed at the top.

Admin Notes


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