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WebWatchBot has the ability to run in two modes: Run as a Windows Application and Run as a Windows Service. By default, WebWatchBot runs as a Windows Application. When running WebWatchBot as a Windows Application, the title bar for the application will display "Application Mode".

All supported versions of WebWatchBot can run as a Windows Application. Check the System Requirements for a list of supported Windows versions.

Running WebWatchBot as a Windows Application poses the following overall limitations:

  • If the WebWatchBot Manager Application is closed, WebWatchBot will no longer monitor.
  • If the logged in user is logged out, WebWatchBot will exit and no longer monitor.
  • There is a performance decrease as the number of active watch items increase. It is not recommended that more than 50 watch items be active at one time when running in Windows Application Mode. It is highly recommended that if your version of Windows supports Windows Services, that WebWatchBot Run as a Windows Service. .