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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an industry standard network management protocol that provides a means to monitor and control networked devices. Because SNMP extends through all layers of the OSI seven layer model, SNMP is a powerful tool for monitoring performance and events regardless of the hardware, software or operating system in use.

SNMP capable devices have SNMP agents, usually installed by default with the device operating sytem, which run as processes and collect performance and event data. The data collected is stored as objects in a Management Information Base (MIB). WebWatchBot issues requests to the MIB for the appropriate OID (object identifier or the address of a MIB variable) and compares the response against the parameters entered into WebWatchBot by the administrator.

Using the SNMP watch type requires that you know the appropriate OID for the server, process or event to be monitored. Since OIDs are assigned and manufacturer specific, we recommend using a MIB browser tool such as iReasoning Network's MIB Browser to determine the needed OID for creating a watch item.

How does it work?

  • WebWatchBot connects to the specified host.
  • Optionally performs authentication.
  • Performs a "GET" request using the supplied OID .
  • Receives and verifies the return value

SNMP Settings


Fields and Buttons

SNMP Version

Specifies the version of SNMP in use on the device to be monitored. WebWatchBot supports versions 1, 2 and 3

SNMP Agent IP Address

This is the IP address of the device you are going to monitor. The IP address of the machine you have WebWatchBot installed on will appear by default in this field.


OIDs or Object Identifiers uniquely identify managed objects in a MIB hierarchy. This can be depicted as a tree, the levels of which are assigned by different organizations. Top level MIB object IDs (OIDs) belong to different standard organizations. Vendors define private branches including managed objects for their own products.

Return Data Type

Because the SNMP protocol is so flexible (if you can find the OID, you can monitor it!) the variables monitored can have widely different data types (e.g. string, integers, decimals, etc...). Selecting the correct data type will allow WebWatchBot to present the watch results in the correct format


The SNMP community this OID is broadcasting to. The default and most common community is "public".

Authentication (optional)

Some SNMP agents require user name and password to access the MIB. It may also be necessary to specify an authentication protocol. These are optional fields in WebWatchBot and may not apply to most SNMP agents.

Verification (optional)

Verification is used to check the returned value from the GET request. It is a free form text field (e.g. string, integer, IP address, etc..).

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