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This section will guide you through the steps to scheduling daily maintenance for a single watch item. Maintenance will be scheduled to run daily for 5 minutes, meaning that the Watch Item will not run during the scheduled time.

  1. Select the “Scheduler” shortcut in WebWatchBot Manager (lower left-hand corner of the screen)
  2. Create a new Scheduled Item for one Watch Item
    1. Create a new Scheduled Item: In WebWatchBot Manager, select the menu item "File" -> "New" -> "Scheduled Item" (Ctrl-N) or click the "New" icon on the toolbar.
    2. The "Schedule Item" window will appear.
    3. Select the Watch Item from the Watch Item dropdown list. To prevent all monitoring, select "All Watch Items", which will also restart the WebWatchBot service - this is beneficial in that it will reclaim memory and resources.
  3. Set the start date for some future date and the end date should be 5 minutes after that. This will create a maintenance period of 5 minutes and the user would use this type of timeframe to ensure that WebWatchBot will not run during this time so that routine maintenance tasks, i.e. backups, scheduled downtime, etc. will not trigger false positives for a particular web site. For example :
    1. In the "Schedule Date and Time" section, in the "Start" field enter "28 Sep 2008 10:00 pm"
    2. In the "End" field, enter "28 Sep 2008 10:05 pm"
  4. Set the recurrence pattern for daily
  5. Set the end for 10 years

The above time is just an example, you can set it according to your requirements.

Please note, the maintenance will stop the Watch Item from running as well as not sending any alerts