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The Scheduler pane and view provide details on scheduled maintenance periods and reports by WebWatchBot.

WebWatchBot's built in scheduler allows the scheduling of Watch Item and Transaction Reports for either one time only, or for a recurring schedule. The scheduler also allows maintenance periods that specify when not to run a particular Watch Item or Transaction.

"All Watch Items" allows maintenance periods to be scheduled for all Watch Items and Transactions. Use "All Watch Items" for events such as a system backup or to perform WebWatchBot's Database Maintenance.

The Scheduler pane provides an easy to use interface for zooming in a particular date on the Scheduler View. Clicking on the Scheduler button when in a different view, e.g. Explorer, will activate the Scheduler pane and view.

scheduler_pane_zoomed.gif scheduler_view_highlight.gif

Scheduler pane (left) and Scheduler View (right)