Scheduler View

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Scheduler View

The Scheduler view has two panes:

  1. Watch List, including a special "All Watch Items"
  2. Scheduled items, including maintenance periods and reports


Alphabetical Watch List

The Watch List is alphabetized with the special "All Watch Items" row always at the top. Watch Items with a blue background have one or more scheduled items. Watch Items with a grey (inactive) background have no scheduled items.

TIP: Clicking on an individual row will open the properties window for the Watch Item, and automatically select the "Schedule" tab.


The timeline has three rows of information that changes depending on the zoom factor. By clicking and holding the left mouse button on the timeline, you can drag left and right to change the current date and/or time.

Zoom Factor

The zoom factor determines the level of detail that the scheduler shows. The default zoom factor is a "day" view.

The zoom factor can be increased "Action -> Zoom in" (more detail) or decreased "Action -> Zoom out" (less detail). The zoom factor can also be zoomed to a "Day", "Week", and "Month".

Scheduled Items

Maintenance Periods are scheduled by a defined start date and time and an end date and time and are shown as horizontal striped bars. If the bars are long enough, two triangles are displayed: one marking the start and one marking the end of the maintenance period.

Recurring maintenance periods are orange-brown and non-recurring maintenance periods are gray.

Recurring reports are icons with two arrows, and non-recurring reports are "document" icons.