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Alerts can be from WebWatchBot to the Windows Event Log, using a freeware command line tool named "logevent.exe", published by Microsoft, which was originally distributed in the Windows Resource Toolkit.

WebWatchBot does not natively support the logging of alerts to the Windows event log; however, it can be configured to execute an external command, such as logevent.exe (the name of the executable program for logging events to the Windows event log).

Follow these instructions to log an alert from WebWatchBot into the Windows Event Log:

  1. Download and install Windows NT4 Resource kit from Microsoft's website: More information on the resource kit's logevent utility:
  2. In WebWatchBot Manager, open the properties of an existing Watch Item or create a new Watch Item.
  3. Select the "Alarm" tab.
  4. Click on the "Actions" button.
  5. Select the "Commands" tab.
  6. Enter the fully qualified pathname to logevent.exe and the parameters. For example:

c:\program files\rksupport\logevent.exe -r "WebWatchBot" "<%MachineName%> <%WatchItemName%> <%AlarmCondition%>"
Check the "Active" checkbox.
Note: It may be necessary to copy the logevent.exe program to a different directory to ensure that the Windows user account for the WebWatchBot service (wwbserver) has permission to exectue.

  1. Click OK until all of the windows have closed.