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SNMP traps can be sent from WebWatchBot, using a freeware command line tool named "Trap Generator" by "Network Computing Technologies".

WebWatchBot does not natively support the sending of SNMP traps; however, it can be configured to execute an external command, such as trapgen.exe (the name of the executable program for Trap Generator).

Follow these instructions to send and SNMP trap from WebWatchBot:

  1. Download and install "Trap Generator" from the "Network Computing Technologies" website:
  2. In WebWatchBot Manager, open the properties of an existing Watch Item or create a new Watch Item.
  3. Select the "Alarm" tab.
  4. Click on the "Actions" button.
  5. Select the "Commands" tab.
  6. Enter the fully qualified pathname to trapgen.exe and the parameters. For example:
    -d -v STRING "<%WatchItemName%> <%AlarmCondition%> "
    Replace the IP Address with the ip address of the machine where you want the SNMP trap to be sent to.
    Note the use of replacement tokens, e.g. <%WatchItemName%> <%AlarmCondition%>, which are provided for program execution customization. WebWatchBot will automatically replace the tokens with the appropriate value when the program is executed. Tokens include:
    1. <%DateTime%>
    2. <%Date%>
    3. <%Time%>
    4. <%DateTime24h%> - 24 hour time, e.g. 13:00 instead of 1 PM
    5. <%Time24h%> - 24 hour time, e.g. 13:00 instead of 1 PM
    6. <%MachineName%>
    7. <%WatchItemName%>
    8. <%AlarmCondition%> - one of two values: "UP" or "DOWN"
  7. Check the "Active" checkbox.
  8. Click OK until all of the windows have closed.