Status Report Settings: General

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The Settings Report Settings dialog allows the configuration of the "Master Status Report" or a Watch Group's Status Report. The General tab provides general settings for the report.


Fields and Buttons


  • <Title> - Specifies the HTML title tag for the status report.� If the report is opened outside of WebWatchBot in a browser window, the title is the specified text.
  • Use client side meta-refresh to reload page - If checked, a hidden HTML meta tag is placed in the report to auto-refresh the page automatically for the specified save interval on the "Save" tab.


  • Display this machine's name in the heading - If checked, the name of the machine generating the report will appear in the report heading.� Disable this option if the name of the machine should remain private.
  • Display additional descriptive text below the heading (HTML tags OK) - Specify text including HTML to display as the sub-heading in the report


  • Show Section & Sub-section "Hide" links - (Master Status Report only) - displays links on each report grouping to show/hide the group's Watch Items.