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The Settings Report Settings dialog allows the configuration of the "Master Status Report" or a Watch Group's Status Report. The Save tab provides settings on how to save the report.


Fields and Buttons


  • Filename - Enter the fully qualified pathname for the report. By default, the report is saved in a sub-folder under the main WebWatchBot data folder. Saving to a network drive with a UNC name is valid.
  • Update and save every - Specifies the frequency to update and save the report. This is also the frequency for the auto-refresh feature: refer to "Use client side meta-refresh to reload page"


  • FTP files after each save - If selected, the report is uploaded to the specified server at the interval specified above.
  • Server - The hostname or ip address of the ftp server
  • Port - The port number of the FTP server, default is 21.
  • Username - The username to use when logging in to the FTP server.
  • Password - The password for the specified usename.
  • Remote Pathname - A fully qualified pathname to save the report as on the FTP server. Associated images are automatically copied to the same directory on the FTP server.